Lots of noobie questions

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Bongo -

30% then a penalty on returns

Kelvin -

Yeah, there is a penalty, but the actual text about it has been removed from the guide. No clue why or when :P

Nandu -

how do i reset back down to 500 acres?

Bolle -

I don't think you can.

But if you just want to test things the dev server might help.

Nandu -

Thanks! How do I get in?

Scumbag -

how do i reset back down to 500 acres?

Delete your account and create a new account.

Nandu -

i did. started me well above 500. [cry]

Jolten -

Currently it's set up on a formula for starting acres based on hours into the age currently.

We can probably add an option to start at 500 thou... I'll look into it

Sanzo -

Why would anyone want to handicap themselves? It would take 5 days for someone starting at 500 to get to 2k

Bolle -

Is it okay to share the Dev website?

Nandu -

Thanks, Jolten!
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