Lots of noobie questions

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Bongo -

30% then a penalty on returns

Kelvin -

Yeah, there is a penalty, but the actual text about it has been removed from the guide. No clue why or when :P

Nandu -

how do i reset back down to 500 acres?

Bolle -

I don't think you can.

But if you just want to test things the dev server might help.

Nandu -

Thanks! How do I get in?

Scumbag -

how do i reset back down to 500 acres?

Delete your account and create a new account.

Nandu -

i did. started me well above 500. [cry]

Jolten -

Currently it's set up on a formula for starting acres based on hours into the age currently.

We can probably add an option to start at 500 thou... I'll look into it

Sanzo -

Why would anyone want to handicap themselves? It would take 5 days for someone starting at 500 to get to 2k

Bolle -

Is it okay to share the Dev website?

Nandu -

Thanks, Jolten!

Nandu -

Forgive me but I can't find this in the guide but how, exactly, does vacation mode work? How do you enter it? How do you leave it? Can you attack and then go in? How long after coming back before you can attack or op?


Tukk -

Was not a vacation mode was a suspension from admins. For what on my part I am not sure and want answers before I go A wall on the forums...

Your tribe has been suspended for 168 hours by Law & Order #2.

You will not receive updates or be able to interact with the game.

This is most likely because of a Code of Conduct violation. Usually a staff member will have contacted you, if they have not, it is highly advised that you contact them, especially if you are not guilty of what you have been suspended for.

~ Scarlet

Tukk -

7 days yeah! I'm deleting of this does not get resloved.

Nandu -

There is more than one tribe in that state. I'd still like to know, exactly, how vacation mode works.

Noodle -


Scarlet -

The point is to contact #2. The matter has been dealt with.

Keep the language clean guys & ladies. That kind of stuff was beyond friendly banter, and this game is not just for older audiences.

As a reminder, please report any content that is outside the CoC to #2.


Kairon -

Vac mode takes 6 hours to take effect you cannot enter vac mode with troops out nor can you train or build while it's taking effect if I'm not mistaken

Jolten -

There is no longer any vacation mode options.

The suspensions has to do with breaking the CoC via PMs between players. Vulgar language and personal attacks are not tolerated. Any questions PM me directly and I'll be happy to answer your concerns... Well until the end of this age at least[:D]

Noodle -

But I want to say kudos for keeping it off the forums!!![heart]
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