Lots of noobie questions

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Hoffie -

If your the last person in the alliance then your research and market stock goes with you.. 99% sure

Sanzo -

If the game wont allow an alliance merge and I request a tribe merge, will my rps come with me if I'm the only tribe in my alliance?

Yes, if you're the only one in your alliance

DeadEd -


PeepingTom -

So... are tribes lifecycles based on their individual age (like Martel set up), or do they all reset with the end of the Orkfian Age?


michelob -

Age and tribes are reset every four weeks

Boats -

Mich is correct

PeepingTom -

micheloooooob, thx mate.

thx u too boats-man

Wiener -

Does lightning bolt work against retreats?

Boats -

Yes. As long as the tribe can be seen on ally news.

Wiener -

So does not work vs invisible attacks, pityfull, but good to know :)

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