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Bulby -

Bad enough dragons so overpowered Early.. When your 5% yard's are all destroyed in one pillage I think it needs à rework on % destroyed..

Smokey -

Amen, Bulby, amen.

What happened to late game dragons? We have oppressive Week 2 dragons.

Gus Fring -

Pillage amounts are a bit high. Not just for dragons. the amount of mines destroyed seems fine. for farms and especially yards it might need a little adjustment.

The fact dragons are moving on top quickly is because those are the ones being active and nearly attack every 3 ticks. Being active pays off in this case. There are plenty of other dragons who are not even close to rise at top.

I think it makes things a bit more interesting as well. Those few dragons are the only ones currently running decent offence. You can see the top 20 being all explorers and they dont have limitations as there is no attacker stopping them.

Mistro -

Dragons base income is appalling. Being extremely active should and does pay off. And in terms of land sizes they are already falling behind.

Mistro -

Perhaps a rework to pillage so that less buildings are destroyed but the same amount of resources are granted.

Bulby -

should be a straight max % of a 10% yards/farms/labs etc...

Sanzo -

should be a straight max % of a 10% yards/farms/labs etc...

While that may make sense in the beginning, mid to late age Pillage would be terrible.

(I mean because people have mostly non-resource buildings. They may carry 10% mines and 5% yards late in the age, but that won't produce good pillage gains)

In the meantime, how about thinking of counter strategies? Get infrastructure science for less buildings destroyed? Split up your buildings between your alliance mates so one person has lots of mines but no yards while another has lots of yards but no mines? Maybe rely on Barracks for an income boost... Or try Temples? Perhaps you can try training offense and hitting these Dragons back?
Cmon this isn't rocket science [evilgrin]

h3 -

I like the drakes this age - they should be rewarded for their activity[heart]

I've run walls for 3 days and they still having success [evilgrin]

Fisk -

Pillage have been like this a few ages, but no complains before.. Makes me think those arguing about nerf now either avoided getting hit or were the ones hitting before. [:D]
Either way, its good as it is besides taking/yielding too much fame imo.

Bulby -

yeah last age it was bad as well... i rather see higher mine % than getting 3/4 of other buildings gone... increase the resources pillaged yet lower the % of buildings... no one keeps a ton of yards so they shouldnt be all wiped out in one hit...

Mistro -

maybe have a max % of a single type.

Such as destroy 5% of targets land in buildings up to a maximum of 30% of that building type.

So if a tribe was runnning 100 yards the maximum they could lose in one hit would be 30

Equally i think activity pillaging should be rewarded so theamount of resources should not be depleted even if the amount of buildings destroyed is.

Ultimately we want to promote active aggressive play. But not at the expense of it breaking peoples will to play. Being hit should clearly negatively impact upon a player but losing all of 1 building type is too significant and morale sapping, there has to be an eye on player base increase all the time.

NeoReborn -

Pillage didn't get boosted last round. Dragon specific pillages got boosted. And dragon prices went down quite a bit for the cheap ones. I only on my first round though so not sure if any races other than dragons can use pillage well.

NeoReborn -

Can you pillage 75% + land size tribes?

I noticed most people pillage 100%+ land size tribes only.

Kelvin -

Pillage gains are only based on the acreage of the target and not relative size. More acres = more buildings destroyed and more stuff gained.

Jolten -

Kelvin bad info my friend

“Destroy much less if target is less then 80% of your size”

Although pillage will provide some gains below 80% it's much better above 80%

Kelvin -

I was more referring to the fact people are pillaging larger targets...

Bulby -

i think less yards/labs per pillage would be fine... not sure how much resources gained per downed labs these days but yards garner a ton of logs...

Kelvin -

I think pillage should be removed or revamped completely. It must be the largest single reason to why new (and old) players dislike playing...

Sanzo -

It will be revamped for next age ... Along with anything else that needs tweaking [up]

Fame gained by pillage will be greatly reduced, and formula for buildings destroyed will be modified

Scarlet -

What noone realized:

If you roll all dragons in an 8 man alliance, and go suicide.
You can destroy enemy yards at tick 1. They can't rebuild them if you hit everyone in the alliance, and they can't Clear a perimeter.

Pillage needs to not be able to reduce something to zero imo.

Bulby -

obviously i am hoping Nazguls on way out...

Mistro -

Nazgl age changes were clearly an experiment for potential return of undead to seee how it could work with vampires. Its safe to say it failed with nazgul so interesting to see whether they get sacked off or reworked?

Sanzo -

So clear that it wasn't our intention at all [:D]

Mistro -

:D:D:D Haha.

Simo -

Those pillages have destroyed the game. Worst age ever

NeoReborn -

On top of the pillage and dragon nerf, I recommend removing the new weaponry and wall buffs. Weaponries just help the pillagers more since they want mods instead of low economy buildings anyway and the majority of their income is based on how many buildings they destroy making them that much more overpowered. Walls hurt my exploring economy early on. I won't use them unless they are sure to stop the attack in the first place anyway and only for emergencies. The building damage reduction thing doesn't help me if I can't be invaded, but the weaponries helps my enemies feed on insane extra economy from their pillages to jack up my dpa to almost zero growth after 2k acres.
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