i'm suspended...

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Jolten -

Lol Michelob that was also my fault. Turned my own brother in as a multi and 1/3 of ork including myself disappeared

Sanzo -


Staff are not all in the same alliance. We do not play favorites or ask for special treatment. What fun would that be anyway?
If anyone ever feels they can contribute in any way, they are always welcome to join. Staff is in no way a closed/private party. We are just volunteers.

Concerning your question towards multiple tribes per person. While it is technically against our Code of Conduct, I am not entirely against the idea as long as the tribes are in the same alliance. With that said I am not for the idea either.
Multiple players in the same household/workplace may continue playing if they declare to Law & Order that they sometimes share IP addresses.

Jolten -

To be honest I'd pause Max or Robokop if they break CoC and they're Admins I'm only staff.
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