where are age changes?

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Bulby -

any idea when up...

Virchue -

Games dead. CD killed us all

Kingk88 -

We only had 4 kills this age 16 played good and survived volley after volley 😑

Virchue -

Your theme is absolutely exceptional!!!! Absolutely love it!!!

~ The Boogy Man (#40)

2017-09-29 23:36:18

Congrats on the Win CD/Boogy. Well done.

Mistro -

Twas genuinely the best theme i have seen for a good while, imaginative creative funny and entertaining :D

Gave us some good fights along the way as well. Thanks very much first time i survived an age for a while :P

Mistro -

As for age changes, there are some that were worked out but Sanzo hasn't posted for a while so i don't kknow whether they have been implemented yet or when they will be announced.

Bulby -

not even a post on when new age will start?
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