Possible cooping

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Lil Britty -

Wasn't 'In the woods' one of Bulby's accounts last age? lol. Speaking of fishy.

Mistro -

Some admin close this thread plz.

It has descended into bitterness and empty accusations.

Jolten is not a cheat and never has been.

His attacks into war are at worst unsporting gamesmanship taking advantage of opportunities created by circumstance. Not cheating. And at best extreme opportunism.

The incidents from the previous ages were discussed considerably in the previous forum thread. And ongoing potential changes to war penalties are being worked on by dev staff. Having taken notice of the communities feelings.

Rudy -

By a player with a proven history? Say more plz you cunt

Bulby -

sorry bulby had one account ... followed all the rules even reporting cross over wi fi problems... some guy at cornell besides me plays or did play... what they admins jolten and sanzo didnt say last age was that it was reported and acknowledged by ME ,,, also tried to get the guy to play here and didnt hear back so there wouldnt be recurring problems... this is same thing... opping a tribe your alliance was not hitting so someone else can hit or kill... what they wont tell ya is that when we were trying to kill a 23 guy i couldnt op cause the other guy had opped within 8 hours... this is purely a co op... to once again give 125 a leg up in the race... if everytime theirs a proble its 125 involved somehow... either its a an admin going overboard cause he got targeted...or they using game mechanics to keep from wars

Rudy -

Mistro be a man and don't “edit” your posts.

Mistro -

Remark was not aimed at you.

Wrote it posted it then decided it wasn't useful or necessary.

As well as that more needed to be said so I edited it. Didn't even see your reply before I edited.

Nice reply though 👍

Sanzo -

This matter is being looked in to.
In the future, please report your accusations along with relevant tribe news, etc directly to LnO via the Contact Staff page.

With that in mind, I am closing this thread.
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