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Jolten -

Anyone willing to help with our marketing team and has marketing experience please send a PM to Jolten in alliance #1

PheNom -


Has the staff considered making the game into a app?

It might attract a whole bounce of new ppl.

Jolten -

We have... Resources are limited

PheNom -

What are the problems?

Jolten -

Cost of development, advertising. Pretty much it'll be coming out of our own pockets.

Sanzo -

Or our own free time

PheNom -

Ye i see / get that.
To bad tho, think it could be awesome. But then again i have no clue how much time it will take nor the cost of it.

Jolten -

So far I've only gotten 1 person saying they'd like to help out.

Bulby -

what if we had a weekly lottery? can someone set it up where we pay a dollar each... and half goes to the game marketing dept and half back to the account of the winner...paypal option maybe... or 1 dollar a many chances as you want? not very savvy on this stuff but would buy some chances... im a sucker for a lottery

Jolten -

Legally I don't think we can do that

michelob -

Announcing new ages starting on FB might help some. Age 92 was the last posted. 166 like and 155 follow. Might get a few back.
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