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Gits -

Lmao. This guy, gigantic whatever must be your other squirrly BF rudy. He all over you penis.

Tommies -

I don't get the whole “outplayed” part. We have different strats. We play our own game and adjust where needed.

This game is played with different tactics and different goals.

Ours have always been the same. Wars, kills, aiming for #1 ally spot. But most of all having FUN.

Don't see how you have outplayed us at those goals😁

Gilgatn -

There was one way to defeat certain people and that was using someone else to intervene and waste credits and now everyone is saying “no way”

Well it was quite obvious easy target never got touched due to the outside alliance.

Gits you sound like a child just stop commenting bud.

Just stfu it was a gang up

Rudy -

First I didn't lie when asked what i did to the britt. I said a nuked my mana ×2 end of war. Tommies hit him for big land gains and was why he was pissed. Btw hw hit you to sweet heart.

Second I never look at personal stats... I have a personal goal and maybe your to uneducated to understand the difference between the two lol. If i remember right everytime i out grew you, you got upset and had to do a 200 explore to bump me...

And third it's a known fact Bulby cheats when he can. Wasn't thay long ago he got paused and cried in forums and you all ran to back him up.

Your the pathetic one gits. You did not have top D when we hit and we didn't even fully go off specs... You alwaus send out your theives and are defenseless. How many times Bulby tell you your vulnerable? We just took advantage of it. More of that is coming your way to little girl. I wasn't upset about getting attacked I was upset you defected me without notice during age pause bjt your panties where in a bunch. So in return we ass rape your land lol. It felt soooo good too [:D]

Gits -

Lmao. Me and wonder in 40 had top defense 600k plua at the time. Defenseless nah, u going full off specs as a Rept over popped you but then again you had a goal, to which i understand i truly do and congrats u got me for 1500 acres. Then again i won as well u reatarted. Goals are different you see.

Btw, hmmm thieves have to send out their thieves, hence why i have always been a top thief since ive been playing and i usually am the top RP guy. Although, aint going to lie, tommies been giving me a run for my money this age.

So you got hurt you got defected? When you said you were leaving at age end to start a new ally with your boy toy? You mad at that? Lmao

Btw lol I didnt defect you that was probably Bulby. Get your facts straight but its all good i rather get hit than the other guys. This convo really is about you crying mate kinda pathetic, ill leave you to it. Like i told you last age, come get me lol

Rudy -

My facts are straight and Bulby message me within minutes of me being defected that it was “YOU”. We came at you bro and raped your ass for 1500 acres! my god did that feel so fucking good. Did you enjoy as much as we did? Don't worry more coming your way. Only top thief because of the lack of players. Send out 65-75 arson's and you'll be raped son!

Btw was not over popped to hit you and it was sooo easy too lol. My friend hasn't played in a while but loved every acre we got from you. Come on next age start already!!!! [evilgrin][evilgrin][evilgrin]

Fisk -

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