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Newt -

i dont know what happened.looks like someone hacked me and deleted me

wht do i do so that dosn't happen again?

was in 32.....lost all resrch

Gilgatn -

so yhe multi axxounts are back is this real??

Sanzo plz remove

Tommies -

Hahaha. This is actually funny:)[heart]

Gilgatn -

im going to speak out here and such how corrupt is this game i mean i knew it was messed up when sweets was involved but the policy states any multi account found is immediately deleted. its the same ip regardless of whatever ezcuse and proxy aites are used.

please no one from 26 needs to get defenaive here i seriously want just admins to answer the questions


Sanzo -


Corrupt?! Give me a god damn break

I have a life, Jolten has a life, everyone in staff has a life!
We do not work for Orkfia 24/7

Gilgatn -

sanzo i never called you corrupt i just wantes an answer disnt want to make you guys sound bad you all do a lot of work it more of i dont undertsand how stuff got rescinded question sorry it was read to bash you it was not meant to be that all.

Newt -

so - no help? :-(

Bongo -

Apply to merge to 26 we need two more

Mistro -

I'm going to speak out here... The guys on staff put in a lot of effort and their own time to enable the game to keep running. Without them the game would have ended long ago.

If you are going to make a constructive comment, ask a valid question, query a game mechanic you don't understand or dislike then please take the time to think about how you word it. Check your post for spelling, does it make sense? Does it clearly convey the message?

I fully appreciate English is not some peoples first language, and its one of the fantastic things abbout this game that people have developed their linguism over time spent in the community.

Throwing out loose, unfounded slanderous accusations throwing slime at the very people who work to keep the game going serves no purpose other than to enflame what is currently an already toxic community (still the minority for now but an ever increasing number of people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon).

If you type up a post in emotion, take a second to consider if it is actually worthwhile posting. If unsure, don't post it. If your point was valid and important you will be able to write it again when you have calmed down and can talk sensibly and constructively.

Mistro Out.

Noodle -

Without the admins the games toast..... give them more credit. I started playing this game like a he'll of a long time ago. Grade 9 i think. I'm 32 now. There was accusations at that time about the admins too. I think they've all done great jobs over the yrs. Awesome job guys.
I even got fear hooked on this game [;)][;)]

Rudy -

Only fear noodle [8)]

Bongo -

yes its no easy thing especially with such personalty differences of alot of us... i would suggest any in game mechanic a coder can find to alleviate game misconduct... flags for same ips/flags for foul language( not a big a deal as before) we used to have alot of young players... back in old days of utopia they had all these coded in and were auto matic... take the guess work and legwork out for our volunteers...

Noodle -

Lol u too Rudy eh?
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