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fear -

“Rudy - 1 hour ago
Sanzo winning a war in 17-24 hrs like the top tribes can do yields a lot of rps. 120k on average and is way more effective than napos and labs.”

The players have been asking for a reason to war more for a long time, thus why we get spoils from warring, it is aliances at war after al ;)
You also get 100k rps for losing a war, which Imo is to much, and the tribes should get credits for the amount of spoils they win - the spoils should be reduced of course

PheNom -

Warring 2 alliances at the same time is an issue, I do think we need to adress.

Noodle -

Why is there no opps or spells that allows you to target an alliances research? Or even an ability to target their purchased or even unpurchased specific tribe and or alliance?I thought there was a spell at one point over the years to decay it faster or something. I just see all alliances are in the research race. Mybe something to consider next age?

Scumbag -

Indeed, there was a spell (if i remember well).... named “Boze”. But that was many, many years ago.

Edit: that was when there were 20 tribes per alli.

Bongo -

fummy the biggest alliance complaining about war interference just jumped an alliance at war already.... hmmmmmm

PheNom -

There is yet no penalty for it and since “everyone” is doing it.
Why should nr 1,then also not do it?

Bongo -

no problem im all for it... [evilgrin]

PheNom -

Oh I guess we All know ur all for that kind of play.

Guess its why u got deleted.

Bongo -

nope not at all ... hate the co=op as much as the next guy... i never minded commandeers in war... until a race came along that you couldnt thats all we ever allowed into war ops

Rudy -

Lies. You we're jumping us when we we're in war with 24. Lie more!

Mistro -

Lets not allow this thread to descend into pettyness AGAIN!

The point about wars is taken, and being looked at. No need to mention it another 100 times.

Noodle -

Don't forget about the research!!
I want an attack too that can't decrease the research invested[heart]

PheNom -

@Mistro [up]

Sanzo -

Quote: Noodle
I thought there was a spell at one point

Yes, it was called ’Unresearch’. It destroyed X% of uninvested research points.

Quote: Noodle
decay it faster or something

Research doesn’t decay anymore, because this is round play, not infinity style [up]

Noodle -

Ahh, ok, Id just like to see an attack or opp/spell to decrease the % of the invested research

Sanzo -

New op/spell/whateva: FREE LAND
Offers your land to target tribe, free for the taking. You lose 10% of your land to target, as a result their invested research gets lower[evilgrin]

Smokey -

Better off deleting all defense, that way you don't have to cast anything to give them the land., lol.
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