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Gits -

Well, where to start.

I want to aplogize to all players from top to bottom as well as specifically, Sanzo and Jolt you guys were right. So want to make it known to all.

All players in 26 are not just great players and allimates but people i consider friends. We have gone through so much either ingame or RL some for years.

When you try to believe in a person, sometimes you are blinded because you want to believe whatever it may be, a theft a crime something, anything it doesnt matter you try to give them the benefit of the doubt. There is a saying that the truth will always come out no matter what. Well, it seems that this was the last straw.

26 players are not all cheats guys. Just because there is a bad apple in the basket doesnt mean its all rotten. I cant give explanations for the actions of anyone but i will say the rest, arent that way nor am I. Nor will I ever condone these actions.

We are a small community and most of us have been playing this game a long time that we might talk shit (mostly me lol) but the respect as a player and person is always there.

There is no room in this game for multis or cheats or scripts. This has to stop from everyone. Its absurd and ridiculous that some players have gone so low in this community. I truly wish people will change for the spirit of the game. This shit about coop is stupid and pathetic, that i hate it as well.

See ya on the other side. Much love. [heart]

Stonehaven -

agreed gits! couldn't have said it better. =)

PheNom -

First of all, cudo's for being man enough to apologise!

The thing that sadeness me the most, is that you have to cheat to stay nr 1, even with such a low player base.
And even if it happened without your knowledge, it's a torn in my eye. That you guys in #26 dont come out in the open and condemn it.
Some of you left #26, but the majority still stayed behind, even after mr. Bulby returned and still had multi's and abused the system.

It's not going to be a flaming post, just my 2 cents on that subject.

I could not agree with you more Gits, that abusing / cheating has to stop somehow.
How we do it I do not know. But the first thing has to be to ban players 4life.


Rudy -

I am glad I trusted my gut when I first smelled something fishy going on in 26. So I had a choice to make do I stay and be silent or do I venture on knowing the horrible back lash I was going to take from you guys. I will say I made the right decision in moving on and creating a pretty good alliance with a great bunch of ppl myself. It still phantoms me that you all say you didn't know Bukby was cheating when the evidence was piling roof high. But like you said love is blinding sometimes.

I do hope you continue to play gits there are a lot of alliances only meed 1 or 2 more ppl to compete and you would be a great pick up for anyone in this game. When I was in 26 I to meet a lot of good ppl that do not desire all this crazy crap that's going on.

Imo I think a perma ban is needed to make this right but that is my opinion and will leave it to the admins to figure that one out.

Noodle -

I'd like to see u play again gits. I'd accept that apology!! Well said

Lil Britty -

Gits is a stud.

Tommies -

You are not flaming the post PheNom. Rudy does That as always.

Nevertheless, gits is right. We will all be splitting up next age after what happened here this age. I hope everyone will find a nice spot and be able to challenge other alliances in its own way.

And Bulby please stop it๐Ÿ˜‘

Rudy -

Rudy flames? I tell the truth and it's to much for you obviously. Btw you can thank Bulby's multi's for keeping you alive last war [8)]

Tommies -

Please don't even start. I have never been hit by any of your tribes. Except for the two razes of the vik. I have always been healthy on pop and def. If you want to discuss this further you can Pm me.

Rudy -

Cause 3 multi's burning our mana and fearing out our thieves lmao!

Jolten -

No need to apologize Gits.

We've both been brutally honest with each other for many years.

Virchue -

From what I could tell as a spectator and my inner connections most of us only ever thought it was Bulby that was the issue. Glad it's fixed and we can get back to gaming.

Side Note: We had a new record for Pestilence recently and no one said anything!

fear -

Well said gits.

Sanzo -

No need to apologize. Believe me (please?) this is the last thing I wanted to do

fear -

Sanz, you pulled a good bunch of players apart, but for the right reasons, don't feel bad about that
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