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Gilgatn -

well the admins
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up here no easy way to ay this

a multiple offender keeps to play and only helps his “friends” while they are warring and wr are the brunt force of this assault

i am unbelievably pissed off at this we showed you he had intent to
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with us before co oping 19 came in here stroking their egos and then he does it again and again only when its a war vs us

police the damn game sanzo fisk scarlet jokten you guys are awesome smokey you are an idiot

defend yourselves i do not care anymore same tjing every time and it wont change k bye

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you guys

~Language edit by scarlet.

Rudy -

I say
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them too! No game is worth toxic pms from some of orkfias finest and vet players! Cry wolf and blame one individual is laughable.

Rudy out when war ends!

~language cleaning by scarlet.

Scarlet -

Friendly reminder to keep your language clean. You can express your opinion. Do so without usage of foul langauge please.

I've already warned a few of you.

Gilgatn -

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that shit ban me i do not care

~ langauge cleaned by Scarlet

Tommies -

Rudy. I get so many toxic pms from you. Don't play so innocent.

You promised you would delete. Please do so instead of keep on ranting the forums.

Scarlet -

We are looking into your complaints, and you should be contacted in the next day or so by a staff member of you haven't been already.

Some of this is on me for not being active enough, so sorry for the innattentiveness.

Gits -

Sorry. Ive missed this whole thing. Rudy this i promise on my mothers grave.

Not sure what you talking about but if you talking about you UD getting killed,
No one knew we were going after your UD, as we set this kill on the fly and bulby should have been asleep at that time.

Now if you talking about your eagle getting killed a few ticks ago. We set this kill on the fly as well. I cant control what others do man. I hope you understand that. We dont need help to kill you guys just like 40 or you guys didnt need help.

Yes it sucks that there is war interference but hello. We have all gone thru it at one point or another. Maybe, its not a good idea to piss people off. Maybe you need to make amends with people youve pissed off so others dont interfere. Just throwing my 2 cents.

Last war 15 ticks ago. You guys could have surrendered against 40 and focus on us. Imo that was a big mistake as you saw what happened. If you would have done that, maybe just maybe the outcome might have been different. When we were in 26 with you as well, there was times we were at war with 2 allies and sometimes we surrendered but it depends on the elders making the right decision.

Gilgatn -

doesnt matter gits the evidence is there bulby ony hits us while we war vs you you might say you can't control it you also said he isnt a multi buy there ya go

h3 -

Not keyboard warrior mode....

Can you not just hurry up and quit? The remaining players (albeit not a lot) are enjoying the game for what it is.

I must say, Rudy’s PMs are abrupt !! Take a chill pill [up]

Lil Britty -

Gilgatn, have you tried just sending him a PM to settle it? Honestly, we all see what's going on and sometimes that's all it takes, even if there is a bad history.

ps. I hope you guys know how good an age you had so far. You crushed about everyone early on.

Gits -

Shoot i remeber 2 ages ago when we killed Full, he kept opping me when he respawned after the war and when we were in war with another ally. Did i think it was childish?

Yeah but i understood why he was upset. Yet, i didnt instigate, made a thread in the forums or went crying wolf to his elder. I just let him cool off after couple of pms and that was that.

As Kman said we all are competetive and will react different but posting in forums, cussing people out or on pms as some have done will not help the cause but make it worse and in this case yall are feeling it.

Sanzo -

I have gotten tag teamed or pestered over 100x. Not once did I cry about it on the forum. I guess I missed a lot of opportunities to make threads.

If you really get sick and tired, usually a polite PM works “hey buddy I get it, leave me alone ok?” [up]

Rudy -

h3 learn to ****ing read. We are in war cannot delete until surrender is possible you ****ing dumb as monkey. I will delete is 55 mins so just wait you ****

~ Censored by Sanzo

Gilgatn -

lmao **** you h3 piece of ***!

~ Censored by Sanzo

h3 -

Sorry Rudy, can only be honest and say I skim-read your post - repeatative whine is a waste of my time to keep reading. I just want you guys to quit, allowing normality to resume on the forums.

Anyways, all the best you filthy animals [heart]

Rudy -

Normality is what your all safe in. Don't like true honest people sharing there points of view. You say you need the forums i laugh and say you will miss me too! The drive to get this games juices flowing with real competitive threat. I've showed up to almost ever kt and survived the worst with the top alliance trying to kill me with the help of 3 multi's couldn't even kill me!

I get to say i left everything on the table. Let the game resume, ✌

h3 -

I do appreciate true honesty, but there is a way to get your point across. Of late, it appears you send embarrassing PMs and creating avoidable forum topics.

I hope you find a happy medium playing the game, like myself, and enjoy it for what it is.

We are a small community. Recent abuse and mud-slinging needs to stop. Either quit, or shut up and get on with it[heart]

Look back to your mail 04/04/18. I congratulated you killing me [:D] I die that often, I just love congratulating them now [evilgrin]

Tommies -

[heart] H3

orkfan -

[heart] h3 noob

fear -

Yeah h3, I usually congratz peeps on killing me to, think I did 11 last age, and 24 dozens of

Jolten -

Jeez I think I've been replaced as the most hated person in orkfian.

PheNom -

Ppl remember u then.. Isnt that a good Thing :)

orkfan -

ofc u are

Virchue -

I don’t know Jolten... that vacation mode move came up again in conversation just yesterday

Scarlet -

You can still ask ahead of time and be put into vacation by a staff member.[up]
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