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Gits -

To declare war we need at least 800 hostility against the target alliance, but if we reach 1000 hostility a war will start automatically! Hostility is gained by performing actions against other alliances.

If I am reading this right. It tells you at 800 hostility u have the option to declare war. At 1k hostility it starts automatically.

Then again at 800 you start the time to raise damage. 5 percent per tick starting from 50 percent. So, what benefit is there by starting war at 1k hostility? I don't think there is none. War damage still starts at 50 percent either way. So why not raise the war damage at the start if u get 1k hostility? Say war damage at 1k hostility starts at 100 percent?

Buffy -

Normally you can gain over 200 hostility in a hit, so you could go from 780 to 1000 and therefore bypass the chance to declare early. Having it auto declare just starts the war. There isnt supposed to be an advantage except maybe catching them off guard.

Sanzo -

Oh btw I believe this age we added a new feature on the war page.
There should now be a drop down menu with targets above 800 hostility [up]

h3 -

I like the new war room feature[up]
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