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Hal -

Granted it's been a while since I've played thief and anyone bothered to Jura me but seems a bit excessive on an owl for one mage to take out almost half def/tpa on one go for a few hrs, even with sci. I had 15% CH

No hard feelings towards 40 I thought it was rather neatly done but not sure what people think of it. Owls wouldn't last long if you half their def with a few attackers/ravens in the alli.

2018-05-25 21:50:53 30 groups of swift feathers have left your tribe for 2 months to cure their sudden wanderlust, totalling 60,964 swift feathers. Another 0 swift feathers have have died mysteriously.
2018-05-25 21:50:53 Our mystics have detected 37 failed Juranimosity spells coming from xx. (34 were stopped by our churches)

Gilgatn -

jura is useless now mate it doesnt kill ur stuff anymore its a land loss for you and inconvenience for high mana cost bo hostility vs owl or power gain

so ya

Hal -

well it's useless if you don't know how to use it. losing half your dpa/tpa in war for 2hrs is a death sentence for any tribe if you are opped by an alli that is semi active and know what they are doing

i guess it's the dpa that hurts. thieves gets less thief def opped with ops all the time but having defence halved as well as in the case of owls has extra punch. or i'm just playing owl wrong[:p]

HaRRy -

As owl you do need a lot of magic protection.

Simple solutions could be(if needed):
- change the race spec from no units killed to x percentage effective
- add a max 0.25 tpa or something that can be affected by a single jura, for all races.

Gilgatn -

i disagree with that max tpa is .25 i understane where you are comming from but if thats the case jura is insanely expensive and for one mage to blow all mana and get x amount of units for slight bits of gains is fine imo its not the best thing ever to cast vs an owl now if you have no ch you deserve what you get.

if no thief unit gets killed by magic and only attackers it continues to weaken the mage in the game i say the mage cause if your not an eagle then come on but enough about that.

think about what mages have to do with expensive spells during some kts jura es wod dm void the only cheap spell is void im not too scared of one blows all their.ops and makes my military dissapear if i was afraid of dying and being SA is my choice i would release a bunch of my remaining guys its no hsrm there

Hal -

dont remember how much jura cost tbh but cant be that much if an eagle can cast 60 :p
and hey nil need for ES if you can take out half their def with jura ;)

i had 15% CHs so i wouldnt say no CH

Mistro -

The strength of an owl is it gets insane TPA also giving defence. So the weakness is that it can negatively be affected as well.

It’s no different from Mori Hai have more homes % so they suffer greater losses to DMs/Arson’s.

Or spirits losing def whenever they send out thieves/get jurai.

You can’t have a race with a huge great strength but no weakness.. are you online every tick using thieves for self gain ops?

Hal -

that's a fair point, jura by and large is fairly useless against most thieves as you are better off waiting for them to send thieves out. but it can affect owls much more as it makes up their def, so halving their dpa becomes a much more worthwhile use of MPs. owls arent especially space efficient to start with and there's no point playing then if u have anything less than 40tpa really so the prospect of mass grabs will get you kills no matter what you do.

i guess i'm saying jura isnt OPed but possibly may need a race modifier for owls unless you think owls running def specs and 30tpa is feasible

Gits -

There are indeed other specs instead of just thieves. Just throwing it out there. If you choose just thieves, then be ready to pay the piper. [evilgrin] [heart] [:|] #Bigstick #justtakeit

Virchue -

Owl d specs just got a buff.

Hal -

but where's the fun in that [:p]

Fisk -

I hear and understand your issue, the race was designed like that though...

Balancing races is THE hardest thing for the development team.

Please do use suggestion forum for any ideas, or PM development staff directly.[up]

Hal -

i thought trying to stop bolle and iluros from strangling each other was the hardest thing for the dev team [:p]

Sanzo -

Let's just say that isn't a problem we have now [neutral]

*Edit*But back on topic, Juranimosity was strengthened a couple years ago to give Owl a weakness. We didn't think it was fair for Owl to run around with 70+TPA (350 DPA!) and a good ratio.

Lil Britty -

You don’t kill with Jura [evilgrin]

Sanzo -

You could [;)]

Gits -

Correction u can't but it could lead to a death. Just like wiz or TR can. Just depends how u intend to use your ops and your opponent.

Scarlet -

Hardest part of dev is having players suggest AFTER the age has started a great solution to a problem in the form of a complaint they've had for ages.

Bring it up.

Owls are a glass cannon if you run full thieves. I must say I personally thought the jura was less effective to the kill until I saw effects of the TPA drop on success rate.

Also, churches get increasingly more effective the more you have.
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