6-Tribes per Alliance Proposal

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Noodle -

I like the merging of everyone into 2 alliances. Least for 2 ages. But I wouldn't want it permanent.
Solo age well.. again only issue with that would be multis. Which would give some an unfair advantage.
The reduction of alliances inactivity would be nice to see

Scarlet -

I mean, I purge inactives every so often or shove them into vacay mode...

If you think someone is inactive just PM me and I will check and shove them into vacay mode. [up]

CanDoAlchemist -

I'm of the opinion that we can see how it works and if its bad we can try something else.

This age has been complete chaos for us in many ways. I'm not into the current stale warfare but appreciate that improvements are incremental.

Really looking forward to seeing what's in store for next age!

gonzo -

I like the 8 tribe alliances. Sure there a not a lot of 8 tribe alliances currently but I think of those extra two spots as spots for newer players. It gives the newer players a chance to play with 6 others who have played the game a long time.
Also this is not always the case but at least in my alliance, a lot of times we have a couple random tribes when we actually have 8. It is important to think about playerbase normally dropping off a little in the summer as well.

Noodle -

So were still 8 tribes per alliance?

Gabba -

Why would you need to change ops damage? It's op enough as it is. If anything you should probably lower the damage.

Markamus88 -

In all seriousness though, is this still a thing that is being looked at or have moved on from the 6 man idea?

Lil Britty -

Gonzo, my guy

jazz -

I’m cool with this than having 8 tribe alliance with 2-3 slackers.
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