6-Tribes per Alliance Proposal

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Noodle -

I like the merging of everyone into 2 alliances. Least for 2 ages. But I wouldn't want it permanent.
Solo age well.. again only issue with that would be multis. Which would give some an unfair advantage.
The reduction of alliances inactivity would be nice to see

Scarlet -

I mean, I purge inactives every so often or shove them into vacay mode...

If you think someone is inactive just PM me and I will check and shove them into vacay mode. [up]

CanDoAlchemist -

I'm of the opinion that we can see how it works and if its bad we can try something else.

This age has been complete chaos for us in many ways. I'm not into the current stale warfare but appreciate that improvements are incremental.

Really looking forward to seeing what's in store for next age!

gonzo -

I like the 8 tribe alliances. Sure there a not a lot of 8 tribe alliances currently but I think of those extra two spots as spots for newer players. It gives the newer players a chance to play with 6 others who have played the game a long time.
Also this is not always the case but at least in my alliance, a lot of times we have a couple random tribes when we actually have 8. It is important to think about playerbase normally dropping off a little in the summer as well.

Noodle -

So were still 8 tribes per alliance?

Gabba -

Why would you need to change ops damage? It's op enough as it is. If anything you should probably lower the damage.

Markamus88 -

In all seriousness though, is this still a thing that is being looked at or have moved on from the 6 man idea?

Lil Britty -

Gonzo, my guy

jazz -

Iā€™m cool with this than having 8 tribe alliance with 2-3 slackers.

Nandu -

yeah, this should also be considered again. 8 tribes represent 20% of the active players.

Full -

Next age 6 then half year 4 next hslf year 2 then boom dead game

Hecate -

I'm all for 6-man alliances. It would spread the competition out nicely.

Peanut -

Other games allow you to join groups first off remeber boot camps? its the same way
make the solos join up

im sorry but down to 6 reduces nothing but produce toxicity and promote poor play

Noodle -

Eliminating solo play would cut back some on a few issues but again, there should be an open poll and follow up discussion before eliminating solo play

Markamus -

So now that the argument has overtaken a 4th topic, could we get some mods, you know, moderating... I really couldn't care less who is butt hurt over who, I just want some meaningful changes come in.

Back on topic, reducing to 6 would mean that we don't have a big percentage of active players is only 1-2 alliances, you might have to thinking about racial bonuses, suiciders would be less safe (that's 2 less people to hide amongst), and you would need slightly more planning in a kt. I don't think forcing solo players to group would work the same way as they are generally either playing a very different style of game or else are far less active/less likely to stick around.

Boats -

Ok guys. Let's get this straight, it doesn't matter what alliance is on top, anytime there is an alliance that is on top something is up and they are too powerful. No, they got the same race selection, same strats availability as everyone else. So what do they got that the others don't?

#1..... ACTIVITY!!!!
#2. Cojones
#3. Take care of the threats

So, do not cry a river that 27 are meanies. When I was in #20, first it was Bulby cheating and the eagle strat that was overpowered for what 3-4 ages? Then when I was in #19 it was we had... Ohhh that is right nothing because we merged from three different allies, to make one but we changed the whole dynamic in killing by doing midnight kills and because most of us could lead at any given time.

Although, do you all know what the answer to a powerful ally is????

Play as a team and bring them down one war after another without being afraid of the result instead of having them take down 1 ally at a time and hoping you are going to take advantage because they in a war. Hello, there is no Coop atm. So use it to your advantage and stop crying and play. Until admins make up their minds on Coop, use it. Although, if you don't, there is no one else to blame but yourselves.

I ain't active atm because I got my hands full this year with college and work but once I do come back active, be afraid, be very afraid [evilgrin]

RoniDUDI -

Very well said Boats. We sure miss other active alliances who know how to play and put up a challenge šŸ˜Š

Full -

Fuck of why 27 not hit 24 ?

Monkey -

Why do we have to hit them?

Bolle -

#1..... ACTIVITY!!!!
#2. Cojones
#3. Take care of the threats

#4 Two game mechanics that are gamebreaking. HE unit-generation and the respawn formula.
#5 A really blown-up ego.

1-3 were your arguments. 4-5 are ours. Honestly, you can't just dismiss them. We literally went with the most early-age strat ever and were countered by a late-game race and a preposterous death formula.

That's like saying, yeah we know the game is ultimately about HE and late game. That's perfectly fine. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I've been acting against two things.
The first is mistaken pride in winning an age. This is just a byproduct but really it is nauseating.
The second is the faults in the game. Not being acknowledged but instead being put to the side like misguided whiners hurts. Especially when you're right.

How you can dismiss such obvious evidence as HEs starting with 6 defense and going rapidly back up despite being killed twice in three days is beyond me.

I can only conclude you're all bonkers.

Monkey -

Or maybe your strat of raiding instead of growing was not a good strat at all. You just can't accept that.

Also we might add that you logged in what ? 2-3 Times per day and expect to win. You also went for the weakest HE while the other 2 grew then one of them was very greedy and you got a Lucky second kill. In the end you did not take advantage of the lead and our T/m blew you up easily.

Monkey -

Good luck.

Tukk -

We don't need your good luck. Just look at the standings for tribes in the first 1.5 weeks of the age. We ABSOLUTELY dominated you! This was not luck and the amazing kills I orchestrated against your HEs proves we know what the hell we are doing and that your not all that. It was easy to take down you guys it's just to bad one race fucked up the age.

Monkey -

Yeh and spec Raven is the weakest starting race as well. Good job really to bad age is 4 weeks.

Monkey -

So much anger. Next time try to figure out a better strat and hopefully it goes better :). No one would be happier than me if you guys manage to do something other than dying :)
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