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CanDoAlchemist -

Hey guys,

How do rps work when transferring into a new alliance?

I've heard a rumor that sitting on say 30 labs for a week as a solo tribe then transferring to another alliance might grant increased rp gains. Maybe this is only a surprise because the rps stay hidden until the alliance goes full wm? Thanks for your attention

Fisk -

Uninvested RPs follows the tribe, but there isn't any extra gain. The amount of rps would've been same if the tribe were already in the alliance at first.
Though larger alliances have a higher chance of being targetted from other alliances, so being solo with lots of labs is probably safer.

Sanzo -

I can answer this question

If you are anything except the last tribe in your alliance to merge: only the RPs in your tribe (uninvested) go with you
If you are playing by yourself and merge, your uninvested AND invested go with you
Why is this you ask?
Because if you do an ALLIANCE MERGE, both alliances invested research get combined
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