Guide: Buildings

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Scarlet -

Please post here tipsyou think newer players should know.
General strategies etc.

This will help the guide page be more comprehensive thanks [heart]

Sanzo -

I think it would be useful if players could one click a pre defined building setup.

“Switch to building set up”

Cuatom could be set up in options page. Game would auto demolish non important buildings and reconstruct buildings needed

Outlawnightmare -

As a new player, this would be amazing.

Kairon -

Maybe have that as an option for the first 3-4 ages of an account that should give them plenty of time to remember what you need to run for growth/war we don’t want to get lazy now do we? [;)][:p]

Hal -

i think you'd still need it no matter how many ages you've played kairon[8)]

Kairon -

I usually die within half hour of going to bed or before I wake up... it’s rather annoying but nothing to do with my build lol
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