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Kelvin -

I have no clue who's in charge of changes anymore, but wtf? You hamper britts who are not even that good to begin with, and you leave templars who are so OP it's not even funny. Am I missing something or is there something I'm missing? Or what am I missing? Or missing?

Kairon -

Templars are definitely op end game but early to mid game I don't see them as much of a problem

Hal -

concerted efforts by DEs for DVs for templars is devastating but it's rarely worth the effort in war

Hal -

is everyone planning to play HE and just keeping quiet about how OP it looks? [:|]

Smokey -

Liberation: 10 Longbowmen instantly join your army per each acre conquered (standard, commandeer, raid)

Seems very strong to give 70dpa off the bat (10 def spec at 0/7 each) for land gained through invasion.... grab wars just to proc def spec gains.

Buffy -

Thats the whole point of the race problem is overpopulation.

king_jota -

Oberpopulation? How come?

Hal -

HE is the most space efficient elite attacker in the game (8+8, 0/7 def specs) compared to the second most efficient uruk (13+2, 0/6 def specs), as long as you plan your suicides well.

case in point, compare with UD which has been nerfed last 3 ages. much better efficiency, better with immortality, loses on priests but gains massively with spells. and then there's the incentive to suicide to gain def specs

Tommies -

Uruk have 7 def per def spec

Sanzo -

* takes notes *

rEdL|nE -

now Sanzo and Jolten do you guys see how retarded is your choice? Instead of having a nice race at the top with kills and competition we have suicides all around.

did you two brilliant minds thought about this? Or was it just meh it's' gonna be okay we want fast attackers.

GET the ****ing raven in play if you want fast attackers! Bring dwarfs. But don't **** up so much. You guys suck!

~ Censored by Sanzo

Sanzo -

Take a chill pill
Maybe give a suggestion to fix [:p]

rEdL|nE -

yes, a suggestion is to listen to other ppl in DEV when they tell you it's gonna be a shit show ;)

another suggestion is to use that thing above your head since it's quite common sense and I know you're a smart boy. just bloody use it

rEdL|nE -

remove the silly free def specs since it only leeds to suicides

Tommies -

Lol @ Redline.

Your guy in #40 restarts after kill and intentionally trains into suicide mode. Didnt hear you complain few days ago. Now #31 does exactly the same your guy has done and now all of a sudden you start complaining when they starting hitting into your ally. Lame.

I do agree the conversion needs to be changed.

Hal -

i'll try not to put on my *i told you so* face re: OPed HEs but hey if a tribe killed at sub 2k can break you even if suiciding maybe you need to grow a bit[:p]

Jolten -

For the record... I stay out of development stuff unless something is obviously OP or a conflict with LnO.

I run the LnO side Sanzo runs Dev.

@Sanzo guess I should start monitoring Dev as well

rEdL|nE -

Well it's not my job to complain it's op. It was op from the start and we stayed away from it. I'm not in the forum and this is my last age for a while and I wanted to have some fun.

I will have it but not how I thought haha

h3 -

It’s at a new low[up]

Jolten -

To be fair the dying and coming back pure offense has been going on for a while now.

Does removing HEs gaining def specs stop this from happening? What about Uruk with the 110cr more 8/0 off specs.

Kelvin -

It's been adressed before. Lower restart bonus the more times you're killed or add for example 24, 48, 72 h protection before being able to do anything.

Mistro -

I think the issue is the combination of.

Immortal units.
Free defence.
A HE vs a Uruk will eventually win.

Should 1 alliance be able to all reset and suicide to ruin an alliances age?

Everyone knows the alliances in question here.
31 wanted to mix it with the top allies.
They did a great job. They made themselves a significant problem.
They got killed. They all reset and chose to purely focus on ruining any chance 40 has of winning. Is it their fault? Nope. They play the races available to them.

But I don’t believe this should be a valid strat. I don’t believe it’s healthy for the game. Point in case.. this discussion is toxic and negative for the community the reason for it? HE. So to deny that their is a problem with HE is naive.

No one is arguing this way about DE or brittonian. No one argued like this about Oleg last age. No one argued about dwarf several ages ago when they dominated. When a race is played well then kudos. But this iteration of HE is clearly not game positive.

Mistro -

Building from that.

Last age was the most competitive age in a LOOONG time 4 alliances all battling it out for the win. Various strats were employed to get there some more popular than others. But end result was a thrilling age and a thrilling finish.

This age could have seen the 4 competitive alliances grow to 6/7 but instead it is descending into this.

The significant change from last age to this age? HE.

Markamus88 -

I think the moral here is if your alliance is being held back by attackers under 2000 acres.... Then you are probably asking to get killed by not running any defence. [:D]

On a more helpful note, I think it is clear that HE's were over tweeked (and I people were saying as much in the preseason). Seemed like a strange call to effectively reintroduce full blown immortal undead, who could cast, and get free units. If immortals are going to have a bigger presence I think you need to look at introducing counters; I believe uruks were originally going to be able to break immortal, and maybe a spell that negates immortality. Would part of the problem also be solved by simply changing the units gained to offensives; all of a sudden suiciding doesn't make you safe (i realise this would also have its issues but could be an option.

Jolten -

Working out a balance fix now.
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