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Bongo -

31 has the right to play anyway they want to as long as it follows the rules... the rest of us have to adjust... they had top 2 attackers in the game early and reset... then they joined up with a few others and were being nicely competitive... when they got jumped by a bigger alliance and fought back pretty successfully peoples feelings obviously got upset... i think after this round adjustments will be made and we press on... until then its war... which is what the game is about... war isnt a friendly endeavor... good job to 31 for pointing out a potential flaw in the system... sanzo and hi dev team will sort it out... and it will be a different race next time thats overpowered... then we bitch about that race and it starts all over

Hal -

oleg was OPed also and it has been tweaked. there will always be OPed races, just not often so OPed it shapes an entire age

Scarlet -

Yes, a few measures are coming in to help combat High Elves having a too-strong early game.

Here is your teaser as it stands:
- The mortality spell will be reintroduced, allowing immortal units to be killed.
- High elves don't recruit defensive specialists when attacking other elves.

Please create suggestions regarding balancing as suggestions. [up]

Kairon -

So as long as a High elf doesn't grab another high elf dark elf nor light elf it will still get def troops when they grab?

Sanzo -


Jolten -

I really don't like that plan. You'll get an alliance of HEs suiciding against everyone at the start.

Hal -

so you kill them..get on it[:p]
removal of raven does have a big impact otherwise you have a bit more balance

Kairon -

Raven vs high elf would be insane tbh [evilgrin]

h3 -

I like the idea of Ravens :)

Dragons would also be welcomed back

Ed -

So there's one attacking race almost as braindead as mages and thieves in this game and half the playerbase starts crying?


Kovenant -

or see it the other way around.
you are working for around 2 weeks to get your shit up and running,
people start resetting as HE's and are able to attack you.

reset and have full weaps 500K+ off

it's not about the possibility to use this race as such, only this is more abuse then it is use.

Ed -

You mean sorta like how a mage/thief will reset and jump right back into a war instantly?

Yeah, that's crazytalk..

Hal -

if you had 2 weeks and don't have 500k def you are not doing it right..

Kovenant -

to Ed,

as a mage or thief you will be f*cked by attackers since you will always be low on def out of prot after death.
and you gotta regen since you start off with 0 mana / TP.

He's running 20% weaps 80k elites (?)

and for Hit 'n run you need min 50% off to break the deff and start tearing a new *sshole with a bunch of He's

btw, i don't really mind it all, it is just anoying and this way we are ruining their game since we can coordinate ;)

Tukk -

40 enough. You folks use us as a scape goat from other top alliances doing both tm and attacking into us. Now that we've had enough eof your bullshit tactics you cry,whine, and complain. No one 31 feels bad for you and buckle up we still have 1.5 weeks of this age.

h3 -

It’s quite embarrassing [:D]

Go you mr tukk!! The almighty one.

Hal -

no one restarts with 80k elites.. that's 90mil of credits, unless i missed someone getting killed at 15k

Kovenant -

you are right, it was 80k off specs and 6.6k def specs

or in this case 88k off specs and 3k def specs ;)

Sanzo -

Quit your whining. This is getting tiresome.

I feel it goes without saying that no matter what the situation, you should be able to defend yourselves.
Have you tried using these tactics:
Lightning Bolt
Mystical Rust
Cut Supply
Standard Attack
Arsenic Infusion
Winds of Distress
Engineered Virus
Dragons Vengeance

Most TM races have off points on their units. This should prove sufficient to hit back anyone with little to no defense.

If someon respawns the most they can get from a grab is 15% of their land. This is against targets up to 3x their size. On targets above 3x their size, gains are reduced to just 1%

*Edit* Other races can also train mostly off specs OOP, and then use their income to train defense. How is this any different?

Kovenant -

Sanzo we are not 5 year olds.

we know what to use and when to use and we do so just look at the global news*.
when running 10k deff everyone can raid and so we all just do, and everyone in the game is invited to join in the fun.
it's free cash and who knows maybe you kill someone**.

“How is this any different”
it is not about being different, its strange you can reset at will*** and gain so much acres and off/def that you can attack targets up to 3,5k
and if you die, 5 seconds later you can do it all again with same amount of off/def.

last age everyone was so big it wouldnt have mattered, now majority is relatively small and most people at 2.5-4k so right in between the target zone of suiciding HE's**** (De's or dragons***** for all that matters)
its not just He's, now its pointed out that this should somehow change but apparently you don't wanna see it.

it's fine they have their fun, so do we..
does it stunt the growth of both alliances for sure, but does that matter?
im not here to be number1 but to kill.

*pointing to same killed tribe over and over
**not target sharing since everyone already knows what this is about
***at will requires troops etc being at home and have no running ops.
****pointing toward your comment about 3* the size
***** i know dragons arent in the game

rEdL|nE -

Sanzi it's not about whining.

Getting killed 3-4 times should mean something and the growth starting money should be lower, not bigger - since we are later in the age.

You stop with the crap attitude. You know all of us personally and we have played in the same alliance countless ages. You know we don't whine, but rather kill. So I can just assume you have something or you're just being a bloody c*** (censored by me)

You guys f up the age by allowing a huge block in the beginning and incentivising a race to run no Def. Correct that race and correct the death / reset bonus.

Tommies -

Didn't we use to have a specific amount of dpa predetermined when you were killed and wanted to restart. That would solve people from suiciding. Elites or def spec(if elites have too much off numbers) and rest of the money left can be allocated as desired.

I don't get why you'd change the no conversion into def spec by attacking other elves only. So HE's don't hit other HE's? The problem will remain the same at start age.

Hal -

so you can't farm def specs by generating an endless source of def specs i guess. there was a lot of that going on early age. it was exhausting and involve minimal strategizing

if you noticed after day 3 it was all HEs grabbing each other, and top 8 was predominantly HEs. without the gain against other HEs we would have ran out of steam quicker and rest of attackers chance to catch up. the effect snowballs when you consider without free def specs HEs would need to train def which means less off specs to generate acres/def

Tommies -

As long you get hit down with minimum defence you can hit up again and gain def spec. That what happened at the start, regardless if HE's hit other HE's.

Hal -

it puts a limit on how far ahead of the pack you can get. once you get big you won't have any more acres to grab thus source of def goes. the def gain is disproportionately OPed early age as average dpa is 40

Other issue as i mentioned was the instant def gain which means you can suicide without loss..

fix those two and perhaps downgrade def spec gain and/or off spec efficiency is enough. HE is meant to be a suicider race, don't take the suicider element away just make it harder
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