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rEdL|nE -

Also fix the starting bonus. It shouldn't be the same if someone gets killed over and over again

Noodle -

This is actually hilarious to read.

Full -

Dont read [evilgrin]

Buffy -

Hilarious and embarassing.

Full -

Hot and sexy

Noodle -

Bring back the double ds.
Wont have a problem with this if theyd do that. Lol. Dragons and Dwarves
Been gone for like 4 months and see this really funny

Sanzo -

Nah just new problems [:p]

Hal -

there always will be something to cry about[up]

Frankie -

Ehhh I'm a HE and I just lost 6/0s when I attacked.. attacking outside a war has penalties even for a HE?

Kairon -

Yes attacking into or out of a war causes losses for immortal units
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