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Bongo -

just frustration at turtling tribes i think ...

Boats -

Lol. If Lame stuff is allowed, join the fun.

Nandu -

its extremely tough playing in a 2-man alliance against substantially larger alliances. its even tougher
when you go a day without any tribe news then a series of aggressive events from multiple alliances
then a day of silence then aggressive events from multiple alliances and then the coup de grace being
4 different alliances coming at you within 20 minutes.

just to be perfectly clear, i do NOT think that all 4 of these alliances are working together. i am not even
confident that 2 of them are but the only people i can vent to about orkfia is other orkfians so here goes:
Content (partially) blocked by the admin tag

Mistro -

I think the moral here is when he casts 49 DM and only 2 fail.... Then you are probably asking to get killed by not running any defence.

HaRRy -

You were the guy with no tm protection? There are 2 races in play that are super fame greedy and on top of that there were probably multiple alliances still in warmode after their wars that had mana to waste.

You would have died even sooner if you had played in a full alliance.

Running with no tm def is a risk that can be worth it, but definitely not now ;)

jazz -

Ur the annoying HE( that doesnt have tm def) which pisses most alliances. [evilgrin]

Full -

I mis the hit anf lb text thats was a nice lb 10k auw

Lil Britty -

I think Mistro’s post summed it up.

Nandu, if I can offer any helpful insight, I’d suggest to watch global news for when wars end among larger alliances. Typically you’ll find after wars that some tribes stay in WM and will unleash on solo tribes. It’s a gamble to stay unprotected in favor of growth when the warring starts.

And to be clear - we wanted to kill you but 40 beat us to the punch. There was no planning, it seems most others saw what we saw

Kingk88 -

One less HE 6 to go 👺

Smokey -

HE are marked this age, so nothing against you.

Hal -

you have to pick your fights nandu, see who's in WM, as i said to you either run more TM def when grabbing or avoid big alli targets especially those in WM. solo / small allis get protection in the sense people generally leave you alone if you are small and don't grab them too many times and you can't get into war so dmg is less.

Sanzo -


Please refrain from posting your news here. Instead, send a report to LnO:

We will investigate any suspicious activity if a report is sent

h3 -

Feel for you bro but tbh you are running a major risk by not having any t/m def.

Kick on again, but have some protection.

Good luck!

Mistro -

Is it possible to see the Global news for an entire age anywhere?

IE all wars and kills?

Sanzo -

Does it have something to do with coop?

Mistro -

Nah I doubt it.

More just curiosity and I didn’t think it was worth opening a new forum post to ask.

Full -


Full -


Tukk -

2 tribes deleted Full and btw post your msgs to me plz so all can read aswell [8)]

You were caught cheating last age so why would we think it has changed. Btw Full maube you should take to Jazz sonce he clearly stated tonus he continues to out of game msg you and others in 40...

You guy's are funny. We will continue to send any suspicious behavior from anyone.

Bolle -

It's not exactly clear. Can't you give a short version?

Also, who is Tukk? I still don't know [:D]

Tukk -

Tukk is ths Karma Police @ Bolle [:p]

Tukk -

Does it matter who sent a LnO report when we had cross log info, tribe info, times locked in on tribes suspicious.

@ admins I would love to be apart of LnO and help keep this game cheat free!

Kovenant -

If youre smart you shut your pie hole
Also in messages to others.

If you want to “ investigate” #40 please do so
Just dont use the mail button to anyone in the ally.

Kovenant -

The fuck is wrong with you man

Kingk88 -

Tukk you bombard tribes with messages constantly 31 is going to kill you bla bla you get killed and stop going on like a female dog
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