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Boats -

I highly suggest everyone act like adults and watch your mouths.

Kovenant -

Anoying as shit that your messages keep on disappearing from the forums.

But on a side note,
I would like to propose a member exchange for 1 age so you can see how 40 operates and vice versa so we can bury this shit and useless pointing fingers and ridiculous accusations.

Tukk -

Why? We aready know how you operate. No keed to corrupt my guys but ty!

Facts are you have a cheater in Full. That was proven last age. No cheats in my alliance thou [up]

Boats -

Topic is now closed.

Start showing your heartfelt feelings ingame.

If LnO finds someone cheating they will take care of the problem. If the problem is not fixed to your satisfaction, then it means nothing was proven and you must move on. [;)]
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