Offence vs defence

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Kairon -

So I wasn't sure if this was a bug or not but can someone explain to me how this is working

Defending tribe for example has
1600 acres with around 250k defence yet the attacking tribe also near 600 acres larger is taking land from said defending tribe by sending out 220k offence without the help of weaponries??

Fisk -

There are more spells that increase offense than there are defensive ones.
Which I guess could be the case here.

Kairon -

I took into consideration Cb but at his size it still shouldn't be giving him a 30k offensive boost...

HaRRy -

Spells, priests, weaps(+war research) and some racial abilities can add to offence.

You can open the attack calculator on to see and test all(?) available modifiers for off and def. (as test you can paste your own tribe stats in both off and def sides and then play a little with the numbers)

Also, if you say 220k raw off, Ciorin gives 33k(15%) extra off.

Hal -

220k +15% is about 260k
you couod have just asked me kairon ;p
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