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Peanut -

I have a general question about the % they block and why they do what they do

for example I dmd a target at 8% ch no SoD ML 1

my success was meant to be quite high however I received 50% success and the 50% that failed was the gods?

I thought this was unlucky but it happened 6x in a row the same result

is it a typo at the output page or what the heck is going on?

8% x3.125% is just a 25% block and to happen that many times is crazy

Insya -

Not completely up to date, but decent. Church %blocked is not linear.

Peanut -

no i know that but im asking not that it blocked that many but why its saying it did i know i had a 50% chance in that calculator which doesnt make sense either

Scarlet -

There's a certain failrate associated with DM already based on their successful cast chance. Churches make it worse.

Can look at getting the rate into the guide

Kingk88 -

Same with GH i Had 18% GH TT on and 5 tpa and yet lost all my mana with 6 failed ops against me

Peanut -

What I am asking is why in the output page it says over 50% are failed by CH when it should be saying something else it was consistent that these 8% or 25% fail rate came.

Let me give the example again you cast 50 dms

25 succeed
25 fail
24 failed due to the gods???

No friggin way 24 failed to the gods on 8% ch

and this happened over and over

Jolten -

1% churches = 3.125 fails.
8% churches = 25% fails.
DM auto fails 25%

So with 8% CH your failing 50% off the top, then you have your ML vs TargetML to consider

Sanzo -

CH/GH protection is not a linear formula.

3% gives 20% protection
8% gives 40% protection,
12% gives 50% protection,
20% gives 62.5% protection

DM auto fails 25 per cent

This is not true. All spells can succeed a maximum of 29/30x. If you have ML 19 and are casting DM against ML 1, you will have a successrate of 29/30 (96.67%)

my success was meant to be quite high however I received 50% success and the 50% that failed was the gods?

It seems you were unlucky. Even if your target had 8.49% CHs (would still show as 8% on recon), their protection would be just 41.43% from CHs. This would mean you should get (29/30) * (1-0.4143) = 56.6% rate of success overall. Which would mean 28 successes and 22 fails
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