It was fun :)

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aEz -

Well, after thinking of trying the Orkfia again after a couple of years off, I remembered why it was I quit in the first place. Can't seem to do anything unless you're in a large clan otherwise you don't stand a chance. :)

Take care.

HaRRy -

Join a clan [8)]

Gabba -

Right now is probably the time you need it the least.

Ed -

2nd last round was almost alone :>

Kairon -

I dont believe that... last age in a 2 man alli my partner made top 3 in tribe ranking... if you know what your doing it's not difficult to do well[:D]

Sanzo -


With all due respect, it seems you barely did anything to be giving up so soon. You need to put effort and planning into a competitive game; not start with barely any defense [8)]
And as HaRRy said, there are many large clans with open slots who would be willing to give you some protection from bullies. Why don’t you try messaging one of them?
I’m sure they will reach out to you by simply reading this thread [up]
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