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Gits -

Yes, Dwarves will have 2 hour build time

Smokey -

How about Walls receiving the ability of reducing troop losses for the defender? With all the ways Fountain of Restoration is negated, some sort of un-voidable/irremovable affect for troop protection sounds welcome. Thoughts?

Sanzo -


Monkey -

New changes question.

“Alter: Kill +50% military units in combat (from 100%)” So uruks now kill 25% less units than before or do they kill 50% less units. I dunno if that's really a solution. Maybe with walls yeh

Is the defensive losses both units and pessies down from 100% to 50% on URUK? Because the issue right now is sure its bad with combat losses like yeh very bad. But the real issue is 4 attack raid kills of a tribe.

“17% vs 8%
so it now takes 6 raids maybe
vs 5
so at 2k acres with 100k pez”

“1 hour increase per 100 offence sent, per allied acre.
Duration: military return time + 4 ”

So a hit N run with full earthen outside war would be 8 hours return? Or is it just units gone for 6 hours and general gone for 6 hours ? making it the same as before just your units are out?

Like I said in suggestion forum. Take a look at your mortality spell and see how it makes HE unplayable. I do not think this spell should remove fountain either.

Monkey -

»« 000000 (#0000) has laid the final blow to like 1111111 (#1111111 )'s career.
00:00:12 «» 000000 (#0000) has stormed into the lands of 1111111 (#1111111 ) and conquered 1 acres and slaughtered 4,990 citizens
00:00:09 «» 000001 (#000000 ) has stormed into the lands of like 111111111 (#1111111 ) and conquered 0 acres and slaughtered 7,868 citizens
00:00:05 «» 0000002 (#000000 ) has stormed into the lands of like 1111111 (#1111111 ) and conquered 0 acres and slaughtered 10,953 citizens
00:00:02 «» 0000003(#000000 ) has stormed into the lands of like 1111111 (#1111111 ) and conquered 0 acres and slaughtered 20,283 citizens
00:00:01 «» 0000004 (#000000 ) has stormed into the lands of 1111111 (#1111111 ) and conquered 0 acres and slaughtered 37,561 citizens

So you are looking at this and “yeh that's working as intended” ?

Tommies -

Special Age 107 for 67 months

-33% population

During a normal age it would require a lot more effort (raids) to kill a tribe.

Kongb -

If someone can teach us how to defend against this, please enlighten me. And dont say train dp, because that is already tried and found not sufficient.

Monkey -

No tommies. Having more pessies does not really change anything. Since its based o % of pessies

this hit kinda proves that

1111111 #1111111 ) has stormed into the lands of 000000 (#000000 and conquered 72 acres and slaughtered 223,216 citizens

Gits -

That is alot of citz Lol poor guy.[:$][:(]

Lil Britty -

Yeah it’s tough. Kongb, I have never seen or been apart of so many attackers up top before. It’s mostly the short age

Monkey -

Its not the short age. It's the fact that its impossible to defend against. I was hit N run 11 times in 6 hours I went from 100k spec dp to 55k while training.

Hit N run IS far to good it should require 75% or 80% of the guys dp to kill break not 50. Who the fuck can run 200% dp above op ? There is NO way to stop it either. Maybe with the wall change i would have been ok but probably not since they can just continue doing it And sadly my income on 3.7k acres was not 4 million per hour Weitd huh?

And another thing you lovely devs dont think about concerning URUK and general and stacks

Oh I am a bit tired now so I want to go to sleep and have a nice 8 hour sleep but I dont want to lose my stacks? Oh what should I do if only there was a complete abuse that would make me keep my stacks while sleeping

Invasion Report

Your loyal army stormed into their lands

We will be able to attack again in 8 months. However, we will be home to defend our land in 4 months.

Good that I have this option keeping my stacks for 8 hours :)

Tommies -

Next age you'd need 6-7 raids to get a kill with all being Uruk. Just learn from your own mistakes and don't let an Ally with full Uruks get that far of being able to break all your guys. Even now you could still wipe Uruks out 1 by one. But not by going 5 attackers of which none do any dmg and only have 3 TM's.

Also your ally has done H&R with HE's and Uruks end of last age and i haven't heard you complaining about H&Rs at all. Now because an ally using a very specific strategic play of 8 Uruks, that decided to target you after you hit several times into our war, while being asked not to do so, you started to complain.

The same can be done with 8 oleigs, using their bonus and make 8 razes.

Just be creative and don't try to shut down every opportunity that has hurt you so far.

Lil Britty -

In a typical age, Monkey, with our ratios, we would be killed relatively easily by larger TMs.

I understand what you’re saying about HnR. We targeted specific tribes who were in our way and moved up tactically. Uruk rage is already being changed, and was also discussed in another suggestion thread I believe.

Kairon -

That's all well and good if you could get a tm past all those fatty uruks [;)] I personally know they bullied me for 90% of the age so I couldn't grow or train lol and I'm in a small alliance what harm would I have been lol

Scarlet -

If anyone is interested in upkeep, this should be pretty accurate. Just copy the google sheet to edit.

RoniDUDI -

2018-11-59 59:59:01 XXXXXXXX (#1111111) has stormed into our lands and conquered 0 acres and slaughtered 18,562 citizens

How can one guy four times my size even be in my news?

Monkey -


We named our tribes BROKEN the last days of last age and you believe we think it was balanced? It has nothing to do with hitting into war you are just bringing up strawan stuff. Who cares if someone hit into a war the point is not WHY you did it the point it that you could do it and there was NOTHING that could be done to stop it.

No you cant do it with Oleg hai. With Oleg hai I would have survived for 24 hours meaning I could actually have trained to keep you guys off.

And by the way not ALL of you guys could even break me at 50% when you managed to kill me you had 1 guy retreating using a attack that reqs 50% of my dp.

It is quite interesting how you can say that its not a big deal but at the same time you cant explain how one can defend vs 7 uruks doing this.

Without reseting when you see another alliance doing it to MAYBE catch up as a t/m?

It is not balanced. And the answer to mage thief is pretty much what you guys did. Not really building dp staying small and just killing all the big explorers whenever you wanted.

Tommies -

Its not about catching up. You don't need to be similar size in order to make a kill. Yes you'd have to grow to a certain size to make it worth opping as TM's.

#20 can be harsh from time to time, but we never kill without reason. If you start H&R our biggest tribe, while we war with another alliance, you kind off ask to be retalled no?

Leave bigger alliances alone, unless you have a suitable plan how to take them down. If you do, do it at once, with full force.

8 TM's at or above 2k acres will be able to kill tribes even with only 50% dmg. It's not like #20 tribes are very well defended against TM's, not is our pop ratio super healthy.

As for the Oleig i was referring to age start strat. Just as 8 Uruks, 8 Oleigs could do the same but with raze. Even better since you don't need the 100% success like raid does no?
With 8 Oleigs and full raze with 50% dmg you would get any target to 12-13% homes. Thats normally enough to kill. Imagine if you have war sci, and war dmg on top of that.

I think the game is balanced enough, but you'd need to be in an alliance that has also 8 active players in order to compete with the rest. #24 has the experience, but lacks activity. #40 has experience, but lacks the motivation, #17 has the experience, but lacks the balls:P

Monkey -

I will answer the first part of your comment later since it's just silly making it sound as if we complain about getting killed right now haha.

To the second part. So a good solution the to the game would be to make alliances smaller.

There is what 2 full alliances in the game ?

Markamus88 -

And i think we have finally come to the key point, you cannot balance a game that has this many variables/interactions/strategies/syneries without balancing the teams.

In a purely imagined world, where all players are equally active, who is going to come out on top, the 8 man alliance of the 4 man? Doesn't matter what strategies or builds you attempt to use, the 8 man alli has the advantage.

Reducing to 6 man limits would atleast close the gap a little.

Or, and I cannot for the life of me remember who suggested it, run an age where all players are thrown in a pool and distributed randomly into roughly even alliances. Worst case you have 1 bad age, best case we get greater interaction between the current player base and some of the veteran players can pass some knowledge to the people who might not have the experience.

Noodle -

Sry but I'd still op a few certain people regardless of we were in the same alliance or not[;)]

Gits -

And I would agree Mark. Why I was pushing for 6 man allies long ago. Tommies nailed it though
but you'd need to be in an alliance that has also 8 active players in order to compete with the rest. #24 has the experience, but lacks activity. #40 has experience, but lacks the motivation, #17 has the experience, but lacks the balls:P

Bolle -

As a result, the Orcish Fervor race spell will not reduce military return time, as it also reduced general time. It will only reduce thievery return time.

From announcements post by Scarlet.

Just to get this straight, this means Orcish Fervor only gives a boost to thievery? Because the Orks do not have a thievery race. So what's the point.
I probably misunderstand.

Monkey -

Bolle the point is that URUK should be able to HnR every 4 hours in war.

Scarlet does not think its good enough as it is so the boost is needed.

Bolle -

So... he meant general return time?

I don't think you answered my question.
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