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Monkey -

My less salty response is I think it only affects return time on thieves and general.

And if not general just thieves the spell as you said really has no point.

It kinda has no point in any case since there is no need for Orcs to attack faster than they already do. It's not like orcs are very weak

Scarlet -

It's JUST thievery. Orcs will probably have a thief the age after. They did not need the return time. It was pointed out they'd have 3 hour HnR.

That's savage.
Oleg would have 3 hour BC.

General return time is reduced by military return time, and I misunderstood that.

So sorry for the confusion. They will still have thieves come home faster, it just isn't as good as if an orc thief race is in play.

Bolle -

Why would you have a race spell that only benefits one race of the whole race type.

Scarlet -

It grants offence, and negates FoR. I'd argue it's a more attacker oriented race spell already.

Bolle -

Ah I missed that part. It's cool then, thanks [:)]

Monkey -

Looking at Mori hai you have to change the spell if you implmemt them anyway so I don't really get the point of the spell? It won't be balanced with a Mori hai :p.

Seems to me that you just make more work for yourself hsvign to change things every age.

Noodle -

Dragons. Nuff said

Bongo -

Simplify not complicate things..nuff said

Noodle -

Lol, so many issues with attackers add the big one, be done with the orcs lol

Tommies -

“Hostility from successful spell or op will be 0.25”

Does that mean failed ops doesn't give any Hostility anymore? Will the rest of the hostility gain system, relevant for a TM remain the same?


3 hostility per successful Fireball.
6 hostility per Magical Void, ES and Winds of Distress.
Destroying a building yields 1 or (2000/target_size) hostility, whichever is lower.

RoniDUDI -

Earthen Defences (New)

Increases return time of enemy troops when attacking this tribe by up to 2 hours.

Return time for units, general or both?

Mistro -

They are linked. General automatically returns based on unit return time. With additional return time for certain attacks such as BC.

So an increase in unit return time will also increase general return time in line.

Sanzo -

Quote: Tommies
Does that mean failed ops doesn't give any Hostility anymore?

All successful and unsuccessful ops give base hostility of 0.25 now.

Quote: Tommies
Will the rest of the hostility gain system, relevant for a TM remain the same?


Kovenant -

why were the def specs and elites so nerfed of DE?
is that for late game?

Kairon -

Honestly 3/6 is still relatively good but I think they're just a little bit expensive early game... I think mid to late game is the best time to train them if at all anyway [:D] - doesn't hurt to have a few early game though [;)]

Bolle -

Looks like a mage-attacker hybrid.

But too expensive to work early.

And too inefficient to work late.

So just a mage with bad military and a money-sink that's not even efficient with space.

Evil Worship: Increased success rate for dark spells
How much of an increase are we talking about?

Stunted glass canon mage is good enough for a mage idea.

Kovenant -

i hoped it would be a late game race,
but the more ticks are passing by the more it looks like a lost class with expensive def.

my thought is it would have a good ratio later game, but DE will be constantly behind on def so attackers can pick em off easy and thus stunt their growth and thus mess up the ratio.
and ratio always was an issue with DE late game.

Bolle -

They're powerhouses, not growers.

As long as they can survive they're viable enough?

Kovenant -

what is your definition of a power house?

for me it is the possibility to produce or deal damage.
for a mage / thief that really starts above 2k .

yes they are viable to survive, and i hope viable enough to be able to grow over2k

Hal -

DE is never going to be a growth race. if you want to explore to oblivion play LE. DEs grow slow but their role is to deal damage as a mage. seems about right atm

doesnt matter what race you are if you cant grow over 2k races are the least of your worries
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