Santa's Little Helper Event

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max -

As is tradition, the Santa's Little Helper event will start on December 1st [:D]

Keep in mind that reseting your tribe will NOT allow you to get a gift again the same day, so don't mess it up when next age is starting!

A couple of minor notes:
- You have to start your tribe (the “Start now” button) before you can find him and get a gift.
- New accounts have to wait one day before they can get a gift.

If you have any questions you can ask them here or message me [:)]

Bongo -

cant find new one

Sanzo -

I found him =)

Nandu -

me, too!

its all in the hunt...

Kovenant -

Cant find him :(

RoniDUDI -

You should consider putting Santa’s little helper in a place that can be accessible from the phone too... Not just desktop.

Kyouharu -

Could be sanzo kidnapped santa ork and have the gifts all for himself...[:p][:p][:p]

max -

Today he is on a page that is very hard to find from a phone cause the link is hidden on phones [:$] I'm pretty sure this is the only day it happens though.

If you haven't found him yet, he is here!
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