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Parfittron -

Walls changes are way over the top. Particularly after nuking 90% sci bonuses, weaps as well as uruk and dwarf.

Nuking both uruk units is pretty substantial.

Kairon -

I dont think so... even with a nerf they're still the strongest when it comes to offensive units..

I do believe the wall bonus should be halved from what it was changed to

And I dont like the sci changes very much

Parfittron -

Kairon theyre still strong and efficient but the spec change slows them early and the elite change removes some of their catch up/late strength. That combined with the changes to walls and weaps is a pretty big nerf in aggregate.

Boats -

Some races are supposed to be fast early game, some late game. Uruk has always been more of a mid-late game attacker. Except recently.

Odin -

No changes to the HE?
I find that surprising no?

Monkey -

Why? 80% of HE are dead. You would rather see 100% dead ? Race unplayable?

Noodle -

Lol personally I’d like to see all tribes dead and join just saying

Tomassio -

Orcish Fervor
Remove: Thieves return 1 month faster
Change: Negates Fountain of Resu --> Negates Fountain of Resu and Immortality

I think this is a bit too strong, since only MH and Uruks have this ability to cast the spell and Uruk Hai already have 50%+ on killing military.

Changes for age 108 included to remove the “negates Fountain of Resu” on Mortality and now basicly with the age 109 change you remove mort and add the bonus on Fervor? Basicly the same as age 106, just under another name. I thought we agreed at that time it was too strong.

Whats the point of being immortal if you aren't

Monkey -

Not the same.

Before you had mortality as a targeted spell that could be cast by anyone. Now you have it on ORCs as a selfspell. Mortality was far to strong age 107. Age 108 it was balanced. Now it might be to weak.

Tomassio -

Mort in 107 is Fervor in 109.

It was balanced last age, now its back to as it was in 107. How could it all of a sudden be too weak when it was the same back then? Its the fact that uruk has this ability ONLY (apart for MH) that makes it OP. They already have the +50% kill.

Monkey -

Because Only uruk and mori has it. And its a self spell and not a targeted spell its a big difference. It means only orcs can kill you when before it was everyone.
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