Starting with no def

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Tukk -

Hecate no one enjoys the game okay right now and stop out right lying. I can tell you our units builds we're 7-8k elites and 3-4.5k def specs. That's not suicide when yku havr other Ravens to help you retaliate [8)]

Monkey -

Nesters (0/0) 0 0 0 0 0
Blackclaws (3/0) 4,448 3,552 0 0 0
Razorwings (0/6) 1,640 0 0 0 0

You had 0 elites. Stop lying we all have the ops haha

Even though ELITES is the unit used for suiciding on raven. Someone with 0 common sense or knowledge of these kind of games just made a race that is supposed to suicide every hour.

Jolten -

Alright enough bashing already.

#31 an age or 2 back didn't you all do the same thing after being killed?

Tomassio -

31 started with 7800 off spec and 1700 def spec. Liars:(

Noodle -

Lol continue to kill the HEs I guess that would solve it[evilgrin]

Jolten -

Alright so this topic is closed and will be fixed for next age ;)
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