The game is broken

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Bolle -

Please put complaints here.

Main one for me is suicidal builds in a small playerbase.

Second one is let's do 6 player alliances.

Third one is insane damage in war but also oow, let's pay attention to the damage output.

Tomassio -

Dmg output is already reduced oow. Don't see how this can be “insane”!?

Tukk -

With races with insane modifiers

Peanut -

The admins not reponding to complaints and reports about sketchy activity

Bolle -

Can I just add that a 50% offense modifier on a suicide Uruk is also broken.

Bolle -

#4 - I need to give #27 a kill just to restart with the money to hit them again. If I reset, I get less.

Then they act all proud like they got me. I mean, that's the point, what took you so long...

but yeah, having to get killed for an advantage is stupid.

Bolle -

The game has always been great. But also hard to keep balanced. Atm it just isn't in a good spot balancewise

Mriswith -

It is in a great spot I cant believe more people dont play this game. Big changes (that I dont always agree with of course!) is great to make game interesting!

Need to make things more balanced without stopping making big changes every round!

Everyone wants same thing, to keep playing this fun game!

How does game grow? What is the plan?

Boats -

I agree with your statements Bolle that the game is broken to a certain extent.

Although, what I don't agree with is that if you know it's broken and some are taking an advantage, then use that advantage yourself as well, until the following ages when what's broke can be corrected. That is an option for all of us [8)]

Btw, Bolle, you know you are an admin yourself, post your thoughts in Staff, your voice at least by me is valued mate. Get your drag back and take the powa to make the necessary advice and changes needed. [heart]

Scarlet -

If you don't get a reply on something poke an admin. I'm semi-afk this age due to RL.
I am on discord though, and so are most the other admins.

Post in suggestions with balancing ideas, or mass spam for an age with just balance changes.

Hal -

HEs have dominated last few ages not only because of inherent racial traits that are imbalanced but rather the style of play thrives on a low player base (suicider, immortal, no resistance on growing when killed due to lack of competition)

Throw in the fact there are only about 3 Alli full of active players (that are not in just 3 full allis) you get recipe for OpNess

Also you guys in 31 are doing good, but need to be more resilient, don't implode when you get killed the first time, plenty of ages have been won by those who come from behind. Good luck next age

Jolten -

Sorry if it feels like I have abandoned everyone. Real life has kept me pretty busy for the most part. I agree that the game needs some balancing and we'll need to address the suicidal tendency and would love to hear suggestions on how to fix this.

Dropping alliance size requires a ton of rebalancing and is a last resort option. However I'll see what I can do.

Full -

Start ban sanzo and Monkey [up]

Bolle -

Death / reset money reduced by 50% (so 66% of current)

Minimum military ratio of 1 raw def per 2 raw off.

Monkey -

You have to have it programmed into when you send out not just ratios in your tribe

Parfittron -

Don't apologize zolten, no one has the right to piss and moan about imbalances. If they were so OP they should have exploited them...

HE are strong - in large part due to the nerfingg of uruk and dwarf who could deal with them.

Raven (strong or not) are rubbish and simply not feasible with such a tiny player base. Struggle late round and with such small numbers even when they stuff up there isn't enough people to even punish them.

I think weaken HE, maybe base converts.on military sent rather then acres and enforce a suicide cap. Raven should just go - they just cannot be balanced with such a small player base.

Bring back some other attackers that are feasible through the round - undead/Naz, vikd etc.

Killing is also crazy easy as TM, it's so hilariously OP that a couple of nubs Can kill a tribe twice their size who has some def with minimal effort, even more crazy when mages get in strong positions. It also requires basically no skill or effort.

If all attackers are getting nerf, then the ability for weak players with minimal skill being able to kill should also be nerfed

Bongo -

unkillable troops are a big problem i think... undead was nerfed by no acads... high elf is a supercharged undead... take away some powers or put it on the shelf for an age

Tukk -

@Parfittron your lack of experience shows when you post about shit you don't really know or understand. You've seen raven for 1 age and think it's OP. This discussion on HEs has been for 3 ages now. If you played with ravens before you would understand that it's easy to pull ahead early bc that's what they are meant to do! Slow everyone down and force dpa.

Maybe play more than 1 age with a race before crying it's OP... [8)]

Parfittron -

I didn't say Raven are OP tukk but good job showing your literacy level. I said that in a game with 40 players and 2-3 active alliances a race who's “strategy” is suicide every hour can't be balanced.

Won 2/2 now tukk - this age with very little effort, whilst you've talked a lot and shown no actual end product. But I was offering suggestions, not looking to continue your ridiculous evidence lacking whine, but thanks.

I played this game long ago when there was a player base big enough to sustain Raven. That isn't now

Jolten -

Next age should be a bit more balanced.

HE are getting fixed and a new race is coming back in play that will help counter early ravens

Parfittron -

Ravens cannot be balanced with a grand total of like 8 attackers jolten. Yes they're hard to survive with unless you run away, but regardless it just creates nonsense.

When nubs miss the HC or bounce they should be ruined for it, instead they get away with it because there isn't enough players to catch them out.

HE haven't actually changed for a couple of rounds right? They were strong last round but the thing making them better this round was ruining all competition and bringing in a nonsense race in its current form with the current player base

Bolle -

I agree with Parfittron

Tukk -

I disagree

Tukk -

To prove this go all Ravens 27 amd let us know how that works out for you. You have all said on the fourms you like to exploit the games flaws and went HEs bc of that the last few ages. If you believe Raven is to strong in the games current state than why not go all Ravens? I expect to see you all as ravens next age and boys oh boys and I amd a few in here motivated to kick your ass! As it stands we cannot be competitive but without your free units let's see how well you recoup from the attacks coming your way!!!!!

Full -

Me do 50%-50%

Monkey -

“I didn't say Raven are OP tukk but good job showing your literacy level. I said that in a game with 40 players and 2-3 active alliances a race who's “strategy” is suicide every hour can't be balanced.”
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