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Sanzo -

Hi everybody. Looks like there have been a lot of negativity on the forums lately [cry][down]

Staff takes players suggestions & complaints very seriously, and we are working on tweaks to balance out the races.

- As far as the High Elf suicide issue goes, let’s just say we never thought people would be intentionally lame by going all offense; or, if they were others would respond by hitting them back. The High Elf suicide tactic will not be possible next age. I still do not thing the trait is particularly overpowered, but it will be changed due to popular demand.

- As far as we can tell so far there have not been any serious breaches of the rules (other staff may want to chime in here?). Being lame or opportunistic was never an offense. Furthermore, even if coop was against the rules it would be near impossible for us to prove, as there is not way for us to check external messages.

- If you want something changed or have a fun idea, please bring it to our attention by either Contacting staff or posting politely on the forums [:D]

- Please be civil.

Full -

First is ban sanzo [up]

h3 -

I agree with the Mexican !!

HE resolution will change the dynamics for next age.

Onwards and upwards guys!!

Markamus -

Thanks Sanzo

looking forward to seeing what changes are coming for next age.

Nandu -

Since its a sticky and a topic of ongoing discussion, any chance of cleaning up
the white noise in the 6-man Alliance Proposal Thread?

Fisk -

It have been cleaned. [:D][up]

LaughingGallows -


Well I think if you change to were suicide is not available then I also think the thieves and mage classes must not be aloud to build only defences they must maintain at least 35% to 40%offence as well

Bolle -


Kairon -

That sounds terrible gallows.. what would be the point?

Noodle -

I am not in favour either, unless there is shrewd reasoning behind this

LaughingGallows -

The reason behind that is you are going to make to were an attacker has to build defence it's on fair to make mage and thieves have an offence so they just dont build defence the whole age

Because in my experience I was trying had from the beginning to keep up an offence to rival there defence and it left me with little defence so if you change 1 you must change the other to keep it somewhat balanced. In my opinion

Kairon -

I just think that's silly... each race has different strengths, attackers have stronger offensive units then t/ms while still having relatively decent defence units to defend themselves... not many tms have any high offensive unit strength... so tms would have to train double just to compete..

Bolle -

to me it's just gonna be hard on the thieves.

There's a case to be made for giving mage a mage's unit for the reasons you listed Gallows.

Generally, t/m's won't train defense unless they need it, so making attackers have less offense means they'll train less defense and you'll actually need less offense.

This was a phenomenon that became quite clear when we had infinite ages where people in varying stages of their lives met. So you could hit a tribe that was a week older than yours simply cuz that tribe didn't think he'd need that much defense.
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