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Written February 2019. Guide may change as game changes.

This is just my opinion on some things I find important. Feel free to comment below if you disagree with something in the guide.I will write down the order of importance for each strategy.

1. Alliance Size

Your alliance size should be as big as possible. 8 players is the best, but anything under 4 players makes it hard to compete. There are rare wins with 3 player alliances.

2. Number of attackers, mages and thieves in 8 person alliance.

I recommend having your best players play attackers since it is the most challenging. I also recommend a minimum of 2 attackers, with no maximum. I created 4 different 8 player setups to save time, but there are other working strategies.

(2 attackers 3 mages 3 thieves)
With 2 attackers you are putting a lot of pressure on the 2 attackers to compete with alliances with more attackers and they probably won't compete in the beginning with alliances with more attackers. However you get 3 mages and 3 thieves to take out the top attackers with and it can be really hard to survive 6 well coordinated thieves/mages inside a war. I've been taken down outside a war by 3-4 spy races so don't underestimate how powerful this is. You can use more mages or thieves than the other here if you think 1 is more overpowered like back when brittonian race was overpowered there was over 4 in 1 alliance. I think having to make the enemy defend against both is more powerful which is why I recommend 3 of each.

(4 attackers 2 mages 2 thieves)
This will make it harder to kill off top attackers with mages/spies but much more comfortable on attackers to compete in the beginning. With 4 attackers you can try different strategies.

3 fast suicide ravens could flatten out all the competing attackers in the beginning. They would die off, but it would be like a sacrifice for the top attacker win type thing. The 4th attacker is your best alliance member. They should pick the most efficient attacking race because it would be hard to kill while still giving them a great economy. They should know how to survive spy/mage kills from bigger alliances mid to late game.

If you don't like sacrificing alliance members then pick 2-3 fast attackers that won't die off after 1 week but don't have long term potential of efficient attacker cause they are faster. And then have 1-2 efficient attackers planning for long term win. In some cases like dragon they are most efficient and fastest if you don't count raven.

(7-8 attackers 0-1 ops)
Going below 4 spies and mages makes it much harder to kill anyone with them which is why I put 0-1 in this setup. You can use 1 spy/mage to help get intelligence ops on harder guys, but not necessary if everyone spams ops in 8 man alliance they usually get through despite high spies/mages.

This allows for incredible flexibility and maximum ownage guaranteed in the beginning of the round. There would be no way to stop this early game. By around week 1 everyone would have to know how to have the best chance to survive a war with lots of thieves and mages cause you will be the number 1 target for thieves and mages with this strategy. As long as you can survive the mages/thieves an efficient attacker on top can not be matched in economy by any slower attackers, even when using buildings to defend against spy/mage ops.

You could use ravens as super overkill to keep others at bay, but having 8 efficient race attackers to try to survive mages and thieves is probably better. 1 raven would be plenty for sure and the attackers will probably have more offense than defense since you win in land exchanges with more attackers than the best alliances have combined. Having 6-8 efficient runaway attackers would be hard to kill off in a 4 week round. I would consider this the best strategy even though it may be hard to survive end round due to how scary mages/thieves can be in big alliance late round.

( 0 attackers 4 mages 4 thieves)
This would be good for a new alliance or an alliance that struggles to compete with others due to not having enough good attackers to compete with other attackers. This setup will probably not get you a win in the land ranks, but it can take out a lot of top attackers that hit you and that is satisfying.

Mages and thieves are easier to play exploring than playing attacker. You don't have to login as much outside of wars and you don't need to worry about things like overpopulation which are much harder to deal with as an attacker.

3. 4 man alliance setups.

You can run all mages and spies so that you can have a chance to take out some top attackers. Or you try to win land ranks with exploring dwarf having best fast runaway economy. Dwarves are weak to spies, even outside of war so the peaceful fast explorer option will usually fail if you don't defend spies by 2k land. Dwarf can defend against crazy offenses other explorers can't even come close to. Dwarf explorer has potential , but lately 1 alliance has been running away with the game and even the best exploring dwarf economy can't defend someone making offense all day.

If a dwarf explorer had a lab farmer or 2 or 3 and they didn't use labs and no attackers ran away with the game and kept eachother in check, a dwarf explorer could explore ridiculous amounts of land and get miles ahead of every attackers economy. I was the only dwarf to defend dragons back when they were overpowered and I didn't have lab farms which benefit exploring dwarf more than any other strategy would benefit from lab farms. It looks like they are getting an exploration nerf and attack buff next round making this either not possible or harder to pull off depending on how strong the nerf is.

4 good attackers could run away with game, but I don't recommend that since smaller alliances can get preyed upon by bigger alliances and you never know if they will choose to go more attackers than you. It is almost always safer for smaller realms to use easy exploring mage/thief options to take down the enemy. The biggest attackers in the game will be taking black ops from multiple alliances they have hit making every extra thief/mage in the game 1 step closer to overpopulating the biggest land attackers in the game.

4. Labs

During the beginning of the game it is best to run 0 labs and play as fast as possible because you can run into moments where you are almost getting hit all in when you are in top 10 land ranks first week of the game. The game slows down somewhere around 1,600-2k acres. At this point most or all players should have 15-20% labs. If your attackers are about to get hit all in by other attackers they may have to hold off on labs, but explorers should have at least 15% when they notice round slowing down.

Another strategy option is to have explorers run 25-30% labs once round slows down and have attackers run 0% labs. The success of the attackers is usually more important than the success of the explorers. Attackers break when they fall too far behind, but explorers keep moving slowly. Runaway attackers can make or break the game and having the explorers sacrifice for the long term success of being the top offense alliance is a great strategy.

A race like brittonian won't need to use labs because massive spies will give them lots of research points from self operations.

Here is a list of research order that benefits attackers the most.

growth research - I recommend this first since 20% troop cost reduction is equal to 25% more cash towards troops which is the only thing attackers spend most of their money on and exploring stuff helps explorers go crazy on top of the troop reduction.

Politics - 25% income bonus is more income than infrastructure and this will help the thieves gain a lot of income from operations.

infrastructure research - more citizens helps prevent overpopulation chances on your attackers, as well as increasing their economy so they win game for you. You can do this before politics if you worried about overpopulation. depends on how heavy you are investing.

war research- If you have lots of thieves/mages this one may be better as second one to raise. Maybe if your attackers are already falling behind this would make it faster for you to take out the other better attackers with mages/thieves. Also pillaging attackers might benefit more from this second over infrastructure.

Depend on how much you invest or what strategy/races you are this may not be the best order to gain research.

5. intelligence ops

It is important to monitor other players offenses from nearly the beginning of the round all the way to the end. 5% hideouts should be plenty and with 8 players watching for top offense in a small playerbase 5% is probably overkill. Fast exploring races are mostly unbreakable in the beginning of a balanced round and can explore max land for at least the first 125 land in the beginning, but with suicide strategies around nowadays it is important to watch from the beginning what top offense is. If you don't want to worry about suicides from low playerbase then fight back with more attackers. It is harder in the short term to learn attacker, but in the long run you will get better and suiciders can't compete if many attackers play the game.

You only need to send 1 spy on intelligence ops. Sending more doesn't increase the chance. Black ops are different.

Explorers should almost always keep pushing to defend top offense unless they are way out of range. Attackers don't always defend top offense cause being able to hit the other guy in retaliation can be an even bigger defense sometimes. It depends on the race/situation for which is better for the attacker.

6. Preventing overpopulation

This game is much harder than similar economy/war games that I have played. Once alliances with multiple mages/thieves reach 2-2.5k land it is important to be ready to defend yourself from thieves and mages or they overpopulate you and you die. Churches and Guard houses are the best defense for these. How much you need will depend on how many spy/mage races are around and what black ops your race is vulnerable to. There was a round where brittonians with massive spies were almost all in the top 20 and in a round like that 15-20% guard houses by 2k land would be necessary for a dwarf to survive.

If you are not sure what you are weak to and you are a top attacker, I recommend 15% guard houses and 15% churches outside of war. And then 20% during war since stopping overpopulation and winning the war both benefit you and your alliance lot. Buildings are cheap in this game so don't be afraid to destroy other buildings for churches and guard houses at 2k land.This might be overkill since it can hurt your economy to have too many defensive buildings, but I am writing this for newer/intermediate players and it is really hard to stop overpopulation if you don't know what you are doing.

7. Having Fun (my opinion ranting)

If you enjoy mage and thief killing that is great, but In my opinion attacking or even fast exploring is much funner than a laid back thief/mage killing strategy. The problem is with small playerbase making attacking hard on smaller alliances with less attackers that just become food to bigger alliances. Some semi-noobs with a little knowledge could combine into an 8 man alliance and own a round if they all went fast attackers and knew how to survive the mages/thieves later on. With so many people afraid of attacking, one alliance is more and more likely to run away with it every round until the playerbase can fight back.

Also the suiciders wouldn't survive if more attackers were around cause they would be fed upon more by attackers who actually want to defend their land like how it works in most games like these with bigger playerbases.

I wish there were conversion strategies, like attacking races who had to explore slowly early on, but had some big efficiency for later. Trading land as an attacker when your slow sucks. There are not much come from behind options available right now. Even the most efficient races can be the fastest right now and until that balancing gets fixed there is not much room for come from behind victories with the most efficient races running away with the round.

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Adding more stuff as I go.

8. alliance communication

Having a messenger service outside the game makes it easier for most players. If you are using a phone with internet access to orkfia, you can get messages from your alliance that they want your help for a war or something else.

The in game alliance chat system will work fine if you are not as active or don't have a phone anyway, but many top players in these types of games use outside of game chat systems.

9. Picking a Race/role

What race you pick will vary depending on many factors. I will write order of importance for this.

What alliance needs - Winning or losing can depend on having the right kind of races in your alliance and so making sure your role will help the alliance in usually number 1. Talk with your alliance about what they need. If they don't care what you pick, then pick the race you think you would be strongest playing.

Attacker role - Attacking is the hardest role and should be played by the best active players in your alliance. Picking an efficient race is important because it lowers the chance of your tribe overpopulating. Unit price cost per offense/defense is a big factor in attackers soeed. Some races get specific bonuses that need to be calculated before you know how powerful they are like dwarf having huge economy. As of right now dragon looks like the most efficient and the most cheapest attacker in the game, making them the best choice in my opinion.

Mage explorer - Mages should pick a race that can either do the best damage/spell chance or can grow the fastest or both. Dark elf has increased spell chance and increased mage level making them the best chance to land dark spells of any race. Fairy has the best growth rate to reach 5k acres for the powerful dragons vengeance spell. Light elf and templar are too weak to use in my opinion.

Thief explorer - Thieves should pick a race that can both use lots of spies for damage and/or grow faster. Brittonian can use the most spies for max damage, but spirit has better growth potential with cheaper and more efficient units. Owl is decent with return time allowing more spy use but they are gone next round. Mora hai looks useless for massing spies.

Fast Explorer - This is for a solo player just looking for land ranks rather than helping the alliance win. Dwarf has some insane exploring economy. They will get a small nerf next round so not sure how powerful they will still be. Dragon has very cheap 8 defenders right now and if they can survive low starting money at out of protection they could become great explorers.

10 More thoughts on population death and mage/spy war threat.

Mage war threat - Attackers are the easiest targets for running out of population (which kills your tribe) because they have the least citizens of any player. Homes are a big target for mages with over 2,400 land and they can take out lots of your homes during a war, which is where most of your population lives. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the maximum amount of homes they can destroy with dragonmage spell is 33% or 10% of your 30% homes. This can be enough to kill you mid to late game.

Getting 15-20% churches right before a war is important. Some alliances can declare war at 650 hostility with right research points so make sure you are ready. They can also destroy barracks which hold a decent amount of citizens. And if building damage doesn't kill you I believe fireballs might be able to finish off your last citizens or at least keep your economy next to nothing for a long time.

Because most mage power comes from 2 buildings which are cheap to destroy and rebuild, anyone can become a mage. Chances are thieves or attackers won't do this, but be ready for this to happen in a war that appears to have no mages. I don't have any experience with this happening, but it could devastate an attacker with no churches if the spies and attackers turned into mages out of nowhere and they have low population. Mages and attackers can't magically turn into spy threats, because spies take a long time to invest in and can be seen coming as a threat before war.

Mages can mess up spies as well rendering their espionage much less useful during a war, but will generally go for overpopulation kills as main targets first in a war. For long term war wins it may be better to stop the enemies spies first and then overpopulate someone. Spies can do crazy damage and if they don't have churches to stop spells then the overall war will go better with spies neutralized.

Another regular threat from mages, is they can remove defensive spells. They can destroy walls, but in most situations walls are not good. If you need emergency defense temporarily that is usually the only time walls help.

Spy threat -

Spies can burn down homes in war with the same maximum number of homes destroyed. I don't think the game lets you keep going below 20% homes. Spies can also mess up your food a lot, so having extra food in your alliance market before the war starts is crucial. Having 24 hours of extra food on the market per person should be enough to survive the war.

Spies can do lots of damage to mages making them much less effective before they can get going. It seems that whoever acts in the war of mage vs spy first is going to be more likely to win. Spies get money for killing mages guilds and they can take them out before the war even starts giving them an advantage.

Most races should have 15-20% guard houses during wars with lots of spy enemies. If no spy enemies are in your war and you are not a dwarf then you can probably go down to 5% or less.

For dwarves spies can kill your most of your population outside of war if you use mostly mines for population. Dwarf should have 20% guard houses all the time after 2k land due to their weakness to spies.
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