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killodoggy -

I would like to get a discussion going to help balance next round. This is just my opinion so feel to free to disagree.

Dragon - They are the fastest and most efficient attacker making attackers choices limited Either remove them or nerf them in a realistic way.

Nerf option 1. Remove all of the negative racial abilities on dragon. Once these are gone it is obvious how overpowered they are and price costs should be massively increased up to how much 7 and 8 and 14 units should cost per offense and defense which is a lot more.

Nerf option 2. Double the racial debuffs on them and slightly raise prices of specs. That sounds like a lot with but they are cheap and fast and efficient in 1 race right now. This would keep the the racial differences for people who don't want them to lose their special racial abilities.

Raven - If dragon is gone or at least balanced, then I think they will be overpowered. Not sure how to fix them. They tend to suck long term, but are so fast.

High elf - They are suppose to be efficient and slower, but dragon is just much better choice with both efficiency and speed. They may have a shot with dragon gone or nerfed. It is harder to come from behind with runaway alliance rounds like this, so that hurts slow races a lot. Maybe lower the 8/8 by 100 crowns. Or make specs 0/5 and bloody cheap so they have a chance to keep up exploring until they can convert.

Dwarf - Seems hard to balance. I don't think they are as fast as raven early on, but raven requires huge time investment and that makes playing dwarf more realistic for a speed race. I think dwarf is the easiest race to kill population with, cause so many things hurt your buildings. Dwarf and raven seem cursed to run away or be highly at risk for end round population death.

Mages/Thieves - I think all of these races should have better exploring capabilities since it is unrealistic for them to attack and runaway attackers are owning the game right now. Anyone who wants to explore and survive the top offenses is limited to dwarf or maybe dragon with ridiculously cheap 8 defenders. Even with those 2 amazing exploring races, they will probably end up becoming free food for fast attacking alliances running away right now.

My solution is to raise the defense of elites by +1 across the board for all Spy/mage races, but scale the price up so it costs the same price per defense. If you lower exploring costs it will just make dwarf better explorers. I don't think there is any legitimate threat of any spy or mage race winning the land ranks. They can't even defend top offense or compete during the first week when things should be at least semi-balanced.

If that last suggestion is too extreme, then just lower elite costs by 10% for all spy and mage races. When was the last round one of these races won land ranks? I don't want to touch any of these races and I prefer easy exploring races that can easily login occasionally.

Corruption scale

This was used in elveron to slightly punish bigger players, but not enough to make growth not worth it.

Larger societies are known for being more corrupted, so I like how this makes sense.

-1% crown income lost per 250 acres to corrupted citizens. (multiplied after all other crown mods, affects taxes and mines)

Imagine this scenario:

Runaway low efficiency tribe with 5,000 acres. -20% income bonus.

Efficient 2,500 acre tribes. -10% income bonus.

Not a huge difference, but helps to bridge the gap between runaway tribes income advantage. If only low efficiency races like raven can run away then it becomes easier to bridge the income gap for slower efficient races on less land trying to come from behind.

Smokey -


Peanut -

I do understand the aspect of runaway tribes and punishment to bigger players however it does to get big a lot of work as a team and punishing the effort makes it harder and unlikely to remain atop.

you are spot on with mages and thieves but this game goes in waves theres times when theres no attackers only tms.

I believe what you are trying to achieve can be done by more selection of races not just inventing new ones.

it is a hard game to balance and time consuming to do so but the results would be fantastic if we had 75% of all races omg i would go crazy!

i do like your thought process carefully thought out i hate disagreeing with you but not all bad points in this one

killodoggy -

Was running some math on owl and they look stronger than I thought. Maybe boost other thief/mages that are not owl and nerf owls.
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