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killodoggy -

I like the can't attack at all suicide rule. I don't like the resource and citizens lost on suiciding rule. Make sure to include it in the guide for sure and the raven exemption should be listed in the guide as well.

I was going to say dragon was nerfed too much, but pillage is back to 100% so I am not sure. I prefer they be underpowered rather than overpowered though.

Dwarf nerf - I understand why they needed some nerfs. Their speed and flexibility should have drawback off less efficiency.

Raven - I like building damage nerf since pillage is powerful. The spec boost scares me. Remember dragon were overpowered last round so we never even got to see raven do good last round.

Templar - I don't think mages make good attackers. Other races are just more efficient or faster or both.

Tiefling - This looks like best exploring mage economy of any race. Second best explorer after Owl in entire game now. I might play tiefling for land ranks since owl requires logging in all the time to beat tieflings economy.

Owl nerf - Was needed. They best exploring economy for people who login a lot.

Brittonian - I like this boost. Rather than nerf owl too much, boosting other spy races seems like better strategy.

High Elf - With dragon nerf, I think an 8/8 race has a better chance of coming from behind. Exploring and converting looks like a better option in my opinion, since attacking is hard for slow races early on. I think they have a chance now, even if spec boost doesn't help them.

Fairy - They needed a boost. For offensive mages dark templar is less enticing now.

Tommies -

Those suiecide prevention figures are raw?

Kairon -

Before I make any comments, I believe staff are finally stepping in the right direction and I'm greatful for that keep it up [:D]

Firstly, Dwarf.. almost perfectly balanced I believe.. I'm not quite sure what you could change to balance them anymore then now

Dragons.. I'm slightly concerned about the thief. To jump from 0/0 to 2/3 I think is a little too much, 1/2 would have been preferable.. I think they will be used more so for attacking rather then thievery

Fairy, fantastic. Makes them even more desirable to play.

Tiefling, this race is almost guaranteed to be the new templar.. decent off units for a reasonable price, could be a surprise attacker mid to late age although I believe that magical backlash could be a good counter for that

Britts and owl I think they won't be played much but they're more or less balanced now

Templars.. I'm unsure why they were changed.. I Didn't think they needed to be changed to be honest


Scarlet -

So 20PPA now grants +40% offence...? That seems... Excessive?

Fisk -

So 20PPA now grants +40% offence...? That seems... Excessive?

A few ages ago their guilds counted as 1/2 weaponries. Their offense potential was even higher then.
I see no problems here. [:D]

Tukk -

Guides? Wasn't it GHs that gave 1/2 weapon? So that gave temps 10% more off assuming they went 20% ghs?

Buffy -

It was gh. Templar is a late age attacker if they can make it there.

Nandu -

Forgive me but I'm lost by this 40% offense thing. What is this? Where is it written?

killodoggy -

Nandu - Templar priests give 2% offense per priest per acre from temples. 20 * 2 = 40 % offense.

Templar race bonuses:

Priest offence bonus: +100%
Can have 20 PPA

I am not worried about templar at all. Temples are slow and they generally suck compared to bonuses other races get from slow buildings like labs. If a templar attacker wins I would be very surprised.

Hal -

temp attackers will never make it to the end of the age in a warring alli..the efficiency cap limits their options, would be semi decent as a mage who can raze when you make it to a decent size. or a solo tribe thats active once a week..

Scarlet -

It's in guide but not age changes [:|] so maybe it's not actually a thing...

With weaponries and ciorin's blessing it's quite a lot. I vaguely remember another race rhyming with “two-look pie” who had too high of a percentage mod and was a problem. We shall see how it goes.[up]

Hal -

so.. is it there or not or do we need to wait till game goes live to find out[:|]

Sanzo -

Rest assured as there’s no additional changes

killodoggy -

I just realized I did the math wrong. Tiefling converts units into corrupted. I thought they created corrupted units rather than convert. Thier exploring economy sucks.

Bolle -

How does that affect their exploring?

killodoggy -

Makes both exploring and attacking speed weaker. I was assuming they would be used as explorer.

Buffy -

Tiefling should be an attacker outright.....

Kairon -

I've said it from the start, same with necro

Hal -

I always read it as an attacker.. all racial traits seem to encourage attacking > mage

Tommies -

It's a good hybrid into the 3rd and last week of the age. Able to raze and perform mage ops at the same time with high dmg output.

For war alliances they are great. Playing for personal ranks not so:)

Tukk -

Ravens change where they retreat and can attack the following tick with all military is broken. Why add this change?

Tukk -

If anyone else retreats it's a manitory 2 hr wait amd was the same for a raven last age. Dunno why the dev team added this to ravens [:s]

Kairon -

Ravens should get 2 hr retreat time like everyone else but maybe with 75% def home after 1 tick

Tommies -

It's funny to see it mainly happens when you guys aren't #1 spot.

Anything to get your little HE's back in the game. Just stop provoking. [up]

Peanut -

Urg Im going to chime in here and its because you guys are being ridiculous.

Ravens blind hitting is an issue and it's fair to ask why the change happened

we don't mind losing an age here and there.

but people just being negative and nasty at a question is messed up.

Tommies please mind your business you have been decent lately but do not revert to your natural instincts

Mistro simply don't reply id its not valuable information

The simple question why did the raven get changed so you can send all fail send all succeed happen?

I am unsure of why I didnt realize this was done at age changes I thought it read one month return meaning if you hit at 59:59 you have your army back at 00:00 and you can't hit again for 1 tick

Every age recently its the same thing with balance of the races why is this such a challenge?
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