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Bolle -

Yeah Tukk just block full, why waste time reading his filth?
He's clearly wrong and he's a target for your alliance, so just leave it at that.

@everyone else, despite the drama it is a bit silly that ravens can bait-attack and then do the real one the next tick just cuz other people's retreats take two hours.
I mean, at least put the general out for the second tick as well.

Full -

Btw i did not sent any dirty mail too tukk ?

Hal -

i wish people would send me dirty mail[cry]

Bolle -

your wish is granted

Tommies -


it is my business since I am in #40/ I was referring to Tukk claiming Full sending dirty msgs. Tukk likes to dramatise everything once things don't go his way.

I do agree it becomes a more challenging to hunt a raven. On the other hand, its not like he is dictating the game.

Bolle -

More challenging and less risky. two different advantages. I believe only the latter was intended.

But its pretty minor this age indeed. Its more of an issue against a full raven alliance.

Tukk -

I can post more of the same from you to more [8)].

I can tell you the receiver of this mail did not like it.

Full -

Ow he did i know fisk long time

Noodle -

Just grow up guys geeze this thread is for ravens discussion not about bjs bulby, or anything.
If I’ve got issues with people keep it off here.
Tukk is very passionate about this game and his alliance, I didn’t think it was directed at anyone until people start bashing him and provoking him to go on a rant. And everyone of you guys and girls would shoot right back if attacked just lay off the attacks... unless it’s attacking a tribe[heart]

Tommies -

Okay Noodle[heart][heart]

h3 -

I think the Ravens should have restreat time of 2 hour also but I would say 100% return home from failed attacks.

Fisk -

Thread cleansed. Stay on topic now!

Bolle -

Thanks Fisk.

Boats -

Bolle @everyone else, despite the drama it is a bit silly that ravens can bait-attack and then do the real one the next tick just cuz other people's retreats take two hours

The change was done because if a raven misses, he can be dead in a tick or two easy. This gives the raven a bit of life.

An example is what happened to full 3 or 5 ages ago as a raven, he went from 10k to 5k or maybe it was 6k.

Full -

4k yeah was gangbang 1 tick

Bolle -

Yeah hence the general two hours and the army one hour

Kairon -

It's decided then, all staff has to do is implement it [8)]

Tommies -

Next age yeah;)

Still dont see the main issue really. Even if the gen stays home 1 more tick. it means the raven cannot “fool” the hunters by sending first tick almost nothing and second tick the real attack?

Thats a bit far reached.

Nandu -

I have the solution that should satisfy everyone who posts in the forums:

Let's make every race identical in troops, size, cost, and well... Everything. Identical. [evilgrin]

rEdL|nE -

I'm gonna put my 2 cents here.

It's amazing how suicides were working for so many ages although we complained about it more than once. I do it for 2 days on tukk's alliance and everything changes. What about tm WM suicides? Can anyone bloody address it?

Now this lad just deletes his account because he cannot take any competition and he is a newb that sucks ;)

He said he was looking forward to a fun age and I couldn't even fame rape him cuz he was too small. Such a pity.

Bolle -

Right please pick up those two cents and just get out.

Kairon -

Regardless of how the age has turned out. Changes are still coming and just because this age has gone south for some doesn't mean the next age will be the same.
I've played this game since 2013 I've seen the ups and downs and have quit myself a few times but I always seem to come back

It amazes me though that this game used to to have such an amazing community and it's fallen into such a toxic state where you have to constantly gang up or bully someone just for a laugh. I'm all for grudge matches and having fun but sending pms specifically to be a douchebag just because your finally on top after being so lazy for so long, #40 are OG players no doubt they know the game well, same with 125, and now 34.. each active alliance has the skill and know how to be on top but it seems that there's always someone that seems to target one alliance specifically, 31 is no different but as far as I'm aware 31 doesn't send out dodgy pms unless in retaliation, either way it's not cool
Everyone here I know is over the age of atleast 20 and should know that this is just a game and to stop acting so childish.
Play the game properly and stop abusing it

Boats -

Well, I'll be honest. Talking shit, imo is instrumental in any competetive game. It makes us players better and want to achieve more.

When it goes south is when people start to verbally abuse others via forums trying to showcase their e-penis.

Pms? Shoot we all big boys and a few big girls, that I think we can take it, especially if we cuss the other party back via pms.

The difference lies when people don't have the volcabulary to properly dissect, either an argument or a burn and decide to offend family, which imo is a no no.

I think some players are upset at tukk because he likes to dish it out but can't take it when there is more than one person going at him. Which, of course who is going to like that but if u dont like it then it's easy. Don't dish it out and don't view the forums. Just play and showcase yourself and your ally. [heart]

Noodle -

Ravens general should not return instantly, but rather there troops may, that way they are still protected from dieing in a tick, but just are unable to attack the next tick

Fisk -

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