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ScorpiAS -

Hey hey.. No trashtalking 34 please.. We just came back and got together and we love everyone [heart]

Kairon -

I wasn't trash talking 34 scorpiAs I was simply saying you all know the game well, I know you guys were playing well before I started

Bolle -

Lol how did he even read that as trashtalking

ScorpiAS -

I was kidding apperantly...

Bolle -

I just wanna say good job in making this age pretty balanced all things considered, certainly compared to previous ages.

ScorpiAS -

fairies need to lose one of their bonuses. Either the bonus to ml or the bonus to mana. Having both seems kinda strong

rEdL|nE -

I agree here. Or at least make it 1 percent instead of 2

Bolle -

I agree too.

Atm they're the better mage (compared to DE) AND can help allies. That's just stupid. But there's no gamebreaking stuff so that's okay at least.

ScorpiAS -

gamebreaking - no.
Limiting actual choice if you want to actually achieve something - pretty much yes.
We (the 3 fairies in 34) could pretty much kill anyone running only churches if we managed to show up together and not mess up something. You get to cast twice as much dms from the fame reduction and you get to have higher ml for less academies. Ultimately this results in alot of firepower that is just unmatched by any other mage.

Ofc you can argue that if we lose our fame its not that good but then again with such a small playerbase loosing fame is not that common.

ScorpiAS -

also when can we expect the changes for 112?
Uruk and roar of the horde or RIOT!

Mincho -

thieves can die in the mud....

Noodle -

Bring every race back..
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