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Amir -

another thing is that i wasnt only pointing out about DE being out of balance as much as all mages being. well mostly all since we cant count templar in that mix as the sci changes hurt them alot too. atm DE and fairy's have the most advantage in the new sci out of any race. followed by any spirits/dwarf being played as a mage.

Scarlet -

The science update was most definitely me.
The upkeep on war science might be too severe, but it was a result of looking at stats for science investments past few ages.

If it is too severe it will be addressed.

Hal -

stats will be skewed by the fact that only 2-3 allis are actively looking to war each age

Bolle -

Looks like Britt grows faster than DE.

Boats -

Growth imo will be won my almost any thief. Although, I will say that I agree with Amir on another point and that has been in regards to military upkeep. I personally, dont like that mil upkeep was changed ages ago but that more of a preference. Is it that bad for thieves? Let's wait and see and if that is the case this age we can tweak it next.

Btw Amir, for mages to compare. I went off the following; tiefling vs Temp and DE vs Fairy. My apologies if that wasn't clarified, off course you cant compare toe to toe due to racial stats but you can on other things.

Bolle -

How was military upkeep changed ages ago? I missed that

Scarlet -

Slightly increased.
Originally heavily increased, then sanzo scaled it back.
Then infrastructure gained an upkeep mod, and now war science also has it.

Amir -

so much for know how to run numbers when he doesnt even know how the milt upkeep changed so much....

Scarlet -

Please don't bash people Amir.

There's a reason there is a development team. People's availability to play, and contribute to orkfia waxes and wanes.

If there is further discussion on any topics here, please create a suggestion or open a new thread.


Sanzo -

Thread reopened [evilgrin]
Please staff learn to take criticism better

Bolle -

I was gone for two years Amir.
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