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Amir -

another thing is that i wasnt only pointing out about DE being out of balance as much as all mages being. well mostly all since we cant count templar in that mix as the sci changes hurt them alot too. atm DE and fairy's have the most advantage in the new sci out of any race. followed by any spirits/dwarf being played as a mage.

Scarlet -

The science update was most definitely me.
The upkeep on war science might be too severe, but it was a result of looking at stats for science investments past few ages.

If it is too severe it will be addressed.

Hal -

stats will be skewed by the fact that only 2-3 allis are actively looking to war each age

Bolle -

Looks like Britt grows faster than DE.

Boats -

Growth imo will be won my almost any thief. Although, I will say that I agree with Amir on another point and that has been in regards to military upkeep. I personally, dont like that mil upkeep was changed ages ago but that more of a preference. Is it that bad for thieves? Let's wait and see and if that is the case this age we can tweak it next.

Btw Amir, for mages to compare. I went off the following; tiefling vs Temp and DE vs Fairy. My apologies if that wasn't clarified, off course you cant compare toe to toe due to racial stats but you can on other things.

Bolle -

How was military upkeep changed ages ago? I missed that

Scarlet -

Slightly increased.
Originally heavily increased, then sanzo scaled it back.
Then infrastructure gained an upkeep mod, and now war science also has it.

Amir -

so much for know how to run numbers when he doesnt even know how the milt upkeep changed so much....

Scarlet -

Please don't bash people Amir.

There's a reason there is a development team. People's availability to play, and contribute to orkfia waxes and wanes.

If there is further discussion on any topics here, please create a suggestion or open a new thread.


Sanzo -

Thread reopened [evilgrin]
Please staff learn to take criticism better

Bolle -

I was gone for two years Amir.

Amir -

Dark Elf 12 20.69 %
Fairy 4 6.9 %
Templar 2 3.45 %
Tiefling 2 3.45 %

i think that speaks for itself right there....
DE basicly killed off all other mages with being so op... and became most played race in game


Amir - 4 weeks ago
another thing is that i wasnt only pointing out about DE being out of balance as much as all mages being. well mostly all since we cant count templar in that mix as the sci changes hurt them alot too. atm DE and fairy's have the most advantage in the new sci out of any race. followed by any spirits/dwarf being played as a mage.

so i love how what i said is basicly what happened other than fairys since there wasnt anyone that played fairy other than 2 really.

so dwarfs there was 2 dwarfs tied almost for second spot of the rankings.
DE's most played race for being op.
spirits took second most played race. again both spirits and dwarfs mostly played as mages or just explorer's from what i saw (i might be wrong on that sry, cant see everything)

and scarlet i wasnt trying to bash anyone. if it came across like that it wasnt ment to. but at same time when someone on staff is arguing with me about the numbers of the game and isnt even reading fully what i say and just spouting shit like they know everything (i will say he does most of the time know more than most, sadly this was one of the rare times he didnt) and ignoring what others say. then i will point that out bluntly until they notice it! even if it might seem/come across as bashing. while ignorance can be excused since he wasnt here for 2 ages as he said, stupidity of ignoring others telling you about your mistake cant be.

Amir -

i personally want ages where every race is op and not op at same time. their opness coming from how they are used and the combo of races in an alliance complimenting each other allowing each race to reach a higher level as the grow. we are so focused on making it ballanced that its making things a little dull as well.

how about a age where we make every race op in one way or another? not crazy op mind you... but try out something new with each race, call it test age or something. make the game more interesting in that manner might get people to come back or stay around more just from making it more fun.

just take a min and imagine the opness you can think of and want to play then see if your smiling or not? would you smile otherwise at other times while thinking of what race to play as?

Mistro -

All that text and not one bit of worthwhile suggestion that could actually be implemented..

For my two cents races will always have a flavour of the month as to which is stronger. Which for me is why there should be more race changes made more often.

Boats -

Amir. Think you missed something pretty important in your post.

Synergy. It's a key factor when most allies choose a race. You say dwarf was OP. Yet was there even an attacking dwarf? Maybe 1 late age? Spirit is OP, yet spirit hasnt changed much in the last shoot maybe 8 ages. So in essence you are going by your own assumptions, which I respect but no facts are presented other than they played the most but I think thats due to synergy as I said.

So to fix that maybe we need to fix synergy.

Amir -

The reason I was saying they would/were op had to do with the age changes to milt upkeep and sci among other things and not the changes made to they themselves. While synergy does play a role it isn't what I referenced. And yes dwarfs where played as mages for all I saw. Same with most of the spirits. They were also played as mages mostly. Only real theifs I saw was a few Brits that didn't do well in the age at all and the owls who did really well in the age.
my issue was with the milt upkeep changes that gave unfair advantage to most mages in general terms and nerfed attackers and theifs. Not counting ravens and owls since they could run a single unit makeup that would work same as mages almost. Also with DE that were given op priced units that made them even better than any other Mage to play as ruining other mages for the age mostly. Again not taking into account the few crazy player styles that go against the norm....

Bongo -

Thieves are tough due to auto fail... other than spirit immortal thieve doing ops its a big waste of money and plans...Mage fails only cost time for mana...

Scarlet -

Next age changes will be posted after I do some testing tonight.

Bongo -

please adjust the science standards... last age was a joke...right?

Virchue -

Rotate main focal point for Ages every 2 ages
• Science Age
o Science Max is like current Science – 15*Land
o Non Science Age the Max will increase to 18 * Land
• TM Age
o Churches and Guard Houses Block 40% of incoming spells/operations
o Non TM Age, 20% blocks 62.5%
• Attack Age
o Barracks reduce Military % by 1% (up from .75%) and store 2/10 Mana and Plans
o Non Attack Age, back to .75% and 1/10

Races - For the most part, just tweak the numbers like you always do, but also stay true to the differentiators of each race and have a variety in each category anytime you do a race swap.
Attackers –
• Dragon
o just tweak the numbers, I like the reduced casualties, production and attack time
• Ravens
o 1 hour attack, enough said
• Oleg Hai
o 2 Generals, Cheap Units, No Turtle
• High Elf
o Needs work. It’s like a mix of Nazgul and Undead. Not super thrilling. Might be better if Fame was more important and less fleeting.
• Dwarf
o Mines, 2 hour building, should not require yards
• Nazgul
o Slow and Efficient
• Rept Hai
o Don’t remember what makes them unique, anything? Gaining attack power for keeping your military home is different… I guess.
o Would be way cooler if their military and general returned home after 3 hours but land still took 4
• Uruk Hai
o Increased war damage? How does this differ from Viking?
• Viking
o Increased war damage? How does this differ from Uruk Hai?
• Undead
o Undead Units. Should also be unkillable by Lightning Bolts or Ambush
o Conversion of killed enemy troops into Basics

Mage – I’d like to see 1 for RP/Resources, 1 attacker, 1 Damage, 1 Friendly Assist
• Dark Elf
o More Damage, No Friendly Spells
• Balrog
o Attack, More Mana and Regen from Attacks
• Eagle
o MP from Homes
• Light Elf
o Resource Production
• Templar
o Attack, Priests Bonus
• Tiefling
o Increased Damage
• Fairy
o Friendly Spells
o No News
o Fame Bonus
• Wizard
o RP
Thief – Similar to Mage, I’d like to see 1 for RP/Resources, 1 attacker, 1 Damage, 1 Friendly Assist
• Mori Hai
o Attacking Thief
o Reduced Return Time
• Brittonian
o RP Thief
• Owl
o 1 hour return
• Spirit
o No food
o No News
• Wood Elf
o Lumber Production
o Efficient Units allowing for more room for higher TPA
• Halfling
o Help Allies
• Need a Second Attacking Thief, though I suppose Spirit could…
Synergies – I don’t mind any of them except Cursed. Pestilence is one of the better spells in the game, I don’t like being able to negate it.

Science - keep messing with it, I don't like so many penalties (increased upkeep). I understand that it makes investing more of a strategic choice, but it doesn't feel good. I'd rather see RP become tougher to gain but every point you invest provides a solid benefit.
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