In-game conduct: shared values

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Bolle -

I feel we need a common shared set of values we wish the game to espouse.

In other words, fickle issues like war, co-op, killstealing.

What do we think of these things? Can we find common ground?

Because once we do, we can create game stimuli to promote the behaviour we like to see without prohibiting other types of behaviour.

In other words: some things aren't allowed, other things are grey. Let's explore this grey area and do something with it.

Thoughts on the issues stated? War interference, killstealing, coopping (nonproven, just concurrent opping basically)

Please discuss here! I may take the results for an actual suggestion to vote on, much like the one already in Suggestions, but this depends on the results.

I might also agree you're not fun to play with and gtfo
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