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Bolle -

The changes below should help the game cope with the low playerbase and persistent issues that have been discussed many times over literally the past fifteen years. While not definitive solutions, they do push players to behave in ways that foster fair competition.

- Remove respawn formula
- Lowered autofailrates thievery
- hitting tribes below 70% yields zero acres.
- War interference is punished by a 30% chance on fireball per spell / op
- Opping into a war on the same target as the warring alliance leads to a warning. Two warnings = 1 day suspension, three warnings = tribe reset.
- Opping into a war to the same intent as the warring alliance leads to a warning (burning mana/tp, weakening a target etc)
- Regular race changes to keep the game fresh
- killstealing into an enemy war: the Gods frown on your tribe, 20% of acres destroyed. 1 warning issued.

Note that banning is not the question. The ultimate punishment is a tribe reset, because that is what the offender intended: to kill a target or decide a war.

The respawn formula needs to be removed to make killing more worth it. As it is, the game is often decided by the dominant attacker leading to a push in growth. The respawn formula almost guarantees maintaining that position if the attacker survive or the explorers are far enough ahead defense-wise.

Solutions I considered but discarded:
- removal of.hostility
- removal of possibility of outside interference in war.
- removal of protections outside war

While these solutions are effective, they do not allow for a dynamic game, instead limiting what is possible. I prefer to attach punishments to competitively dubious maneuvers to make them less attractive.

The easiest way to deal with an alliance's legit concern of gathering hostility is to raise the bar for.automatic war or lower the one for manually chosen war.

I feel these changes are absolutely necessary and hope others feel the same. If not, well, it has been good to revisit the game for a while.

Scorpias has a knack for designing races and the game (priests!), if not for balancing them, and that creativity is a treasure.

I will see how this goes..

Boats -

Might as well mention the below as well then.

- remove the ability to truce in a war.
-no more solo tribes. 3 man min allies, if not they get auto placed in an ally. (More items would have to be in place for this to happen)
-eliminate 8 man allies and go to 6 to create more competition
-adjust the attackers min def left at home with the exception of Raven.
-fix suiciding races

The above would have to work Bolle with your suggestions per se.

Bolle -

I agree with all of those but the last one. The last one is no suggestion, just agreeing there's a problem. If you have an idea to fix suicides, feel free. Your min def suggestion is an option.

Boats -

Well if you will need to have min def at home more than now, then it would was my opinion. An example now, one drag has 900k off raw and 600k raw def. Wtf... Like really. I got 900k raw def and have to get walls and yet weps percentage is higher and I've been in growth mode all age and the drag been in multiple wars... See the dilemma?

PickleJuice -

6 man allies wont make a difference at all as it takes way more work and effort to redo the dmg formulas

Solo tribes yes for sure should be min 3 or 4 alliances promotes team play as well

Truce in war is needed to this fact attackers generate a lot of host super early and thus a truce csn be used as a way for 2 alliances not to be bottlenecked at the start

Bolle +1 to those ideas you used all the brain there i like em!

Killing shouldnt be an exact reset age lengths arent long enough if this is changed absolutely

Boats -

Two things.

We can't keep everyone happy and we have to think open minded for the game mechanics. While some won't agree with certain things, there has to be a give and take.

Boats -

Damage formulas wouldnt be your concern but devs.

Truce should not be used. If you war you war. End it and convert you gonna get research and market anyway, so no loss there. Now, what can be done is extend the hostility for wars. Or you can go old school and just declare. Which imo I love, makes it more exciting.

Killing is worthless. I got killed when I last played in a warring ally and respawned at 3k and change. Still could do damage easily, only benefit for the warring ally was they get a higher chance to win the war. Just keep in mind that reality is people will quit playing when they die until new age begins. What would it be then? Look at it now, some died early age and still less than 2k.

Bolle -


Also, I prefer killing being useful over dying being pointless.

Mistro -

Its Ironic that all of this comes from Bolle being harassed by a tribe who he harassed significantly.

Yes it was me :D:D:D

He basically suicided for the first few weeks. Not breaking the rules or the minimums but abusing the fact that there were so few other attackers he could hit with impunity against us. knowing how much it fucked me up. and allowed 125 to go on and win the age. Which they will. His issue is now that he cant handle me holding a grudge and spending my spare mana on him at every chance.

Im now the fairy and fame is useful for me. And if i did it when he was in war. Well i dont like the idea of fame rape as a mechanic so i just spent my mana on him as he did harm to me earlier in the age.

Are we playing orkfia world of peacefulness.

Or is it a war game?

Diplomacy is what needs to be added in. See below:

Temporary NAPs which reduce damage. (lower damage from black ops)
War intention statements which increase hostility and near guarantee war after a period (50 host gained per tick for 12 ticks)
Growth mode as a set thing. (offence lowered, plan and mana regen halved)
War mode (damage increase, mana and plan increase in regen)

All of the above would have a tagline of some sort displayed on the alliance page and/or in global news. These states would take a period of time to take effect. And have a minimum time before they can be changed.

Sanzo -

More like unnecessary changes [8)]

Sounds like a different game.

PickleJuice -

Sounds like a fair game like it used to be.

Bongo -

well lets face few alliances with full membership disgruntled ex members just sit outside and pawn the big alliances when they busy... open it up... 3 man alliances for a round ... pick your 3 best and fight with everyone all the time... no declared wars just all mass destruction in a round of ABSOLUTE MAYHEM...

Player 2 -

1 man alliances let's go orkfia battle royale

Scarlet -

“tribes at war” would require us buying a new url though [cry]

Anon -

1 man alliances let's go orkfia battle royale

i like the idea..would be right up your alley[up]
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