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Scarlet -

First, a general rule of thumb:
If what you're posting doesn't fit with the thread (or in the case of suggestions the format of a suggestion/feedback) make a new thread :)

Secondly, because Bolle is not insane, a bad person, nor wholly incorrect.
- No, I really don't handle negative comments or rudeness well.
- Yes, I butt heads with other staff.
- Yes, it bugs me when Sanzo pops in last second and “vetos” proposed age changes I spent hours on.
Usually there's a good middle ground, and stuff turns out pretty okay in the end once I simmer down.

Thirdly, for all your shiny ideas, please don't just say there is a problem or something sucks, suggest a solution :) If staff don't listen, make a point of it! I'm opinionated, but do try to listen (Sorry Kairon :( )

Finally, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Max for being the most un-political, and dedicated person in orkfia; coding age changes without complaint since the dawn of time. [heart]

Feel free to post your gripes here, or the complaints thread. Let's clear the air a bit and keep the age changes post about age changes![;)]

Kairon -

I've never had a problem with the way you do things man just feel you should listen more [:)][heart]

ScorpiAS -

I will give my 2 cents. Disclaimer: I have known sanzo for most of the time I have played orkfia and have always found him fun as a person and fair as a “ruler”, but I will do my best to not let that affect what I write next.

@Bolle and @Sanzo seemingly both want the same thing but done in two different ways. They both want the game to survive and one of them sees the game survival tied to brining new players while the other sees the game survival as retaining the current player base. To me both are kinda right and kinda wrong.

What I agree with:
- the game is hard for new players and if we are to EVER attract new players we will need to make it more simpler. Definitely eliminating the manual calculation is a strong step in that direction.
- coop has always been a thing. It was in the first ages of the game, it is now. Believe it or not the spite that this actions cause is part of the reason why this game is still alive. Someone coops against you you get pissed and try to get back at them.

Problems I see:
- Making the game simpler might chase away hardcore old players. While this could be ok if we attract new players to the game (new players means more competition which in the end will make the old timers come back) its a real gamble. IF we lose the core players of the game we have now without gettign new ones the game is as good as dead.
- If we do noting to get more players, the same old ones will eventually get tired and just quit one by one.
- Coop needs to be addressed. While its an integral part of the game, it happening to the same alliance is not fun and should NEVER be encouraged.
- You expect too much of LnO. We all have suspiction that certain tribes used land farms this age but do any one of my ally cares? NO! Why you ask? Because even if that is the case... who cares.. what do you expect from LnO to do? Suspend the players? Delete them? Ban them? IF that happens we will play the game by ourselves. Do we want that- no? LnO is obsolete and has been obsolete for quite some time. The action they can take to “punish” bad behaviour are just not acceptable and no longer valid. We need a new form of punishment for the time being until we can actually afford to suspend or delete someone.

Things that should not happen. EVER. PERIOD:
- do changes for the sake of having changes.
- change core concepts of the game without playtasting first.

It will be cool if we can just get an idea what we want to do and do it together. Pushing in the same direction. For me it doesnt matter who leads the game as long as the game progresses. I get it that some have invested more time than others but this constant bitching and underminign eachother is not getting us anywhere. Things need to change and they need to change for the good as opposed to “just change”

Anon -

Look I think we know sanzo and bolle both mean well and have dedicated so much time and effort out of their love for the game over the years nobody can say that they are not trying.

I think we need better ways to agree to disagree however, and I think it needs to be structured. You can have a voting system in Dev or you can agree to be autocratic - that's for staff to decide.

Also when you do have disagreements you need to have it behind closed doors that's what #4 forum is for. It's not a good look when it spills out into world chat where grievances are aired in a non-constructive way.

Bolle and I used to have essay arguments all the time but (from what I remember anyway) it was always civil and changes were always decided in the end on a majority-rules type of general consensus.

I'd also like to make an outsider's observation that over the last few ages Sanzo have appeared on a few occasions popped in at the end of a suggestion or discussion thread (I think a few age changes) and gave a fairly curt non-constructive negative feedback, or appear to 'shooting it down' as Bolle said. You have to consider the time and effort the OP has put into putting thoughts into writing and having it shot down without justification will be incendiary. Also it would be better if those feelings were left in #4 where it belongs - it's hard to separate your staff and player duties as staff work is thankless, but I don't think it helps to have dev disagree with each other and making it known outside of #4.

So, make love not war.

Or both.
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