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Sanzo -

Anybody who would like to contribute to running the game, making development decisions, etc. please inquire within.

You may either apply in this thread, or by sending a report to Operations (#3) “Question / General”

I would like to remind all players that staff is not a closed fraternity. We are just volunteers who want to give a little extra time to the game [:D][heart][up]

Sanzo -

We are looking for:

2 new staff for Law and Order (#2)
Duties: Responsible for ensuring the rules of the game are valid and that the agreed rules (Staff and Player Code of Conduct) are adhered to with the aim of keeping the game fun and fair for everyone. Routine tasks are listed in LnO Forum sticky thread and involve daily and ad-hoc tasks so it is important that some member of LnO logs in every few hours.. Where possible it is ideal if LnO staff, also are Operations staff to give the best overview since some issues affect both departments (eg. Names, merges).

3 new staff for Operations (#3)
Duties: Responsible for the Customer Service face of Orkfia and the community with the aim of ensuring players feel they can get help from staff when needed. This involves checking reports from players and responding, These are the people keeping the game running on a day to day basis and offering help to individual players, liaising with other departments as necessary to solve issues for the individuals who ask for help.

2 new staff for Development (#4)
Duties: Responsible for monitoring the suggestions forum, closing or developing suggestions further as necessary with the aim of continuously improving the game, in line with our overall objectives and for the best value from our Coding time. This role involves routine tasks and Ad-hoc tasks as detailed further in the Development forum sticky post and the ToDo list (staff forum). Dev is responsible for the detail behind all changes relating to development of the game experience for a user, not only Game Design.

1 new staff for Coders (#5)
Duties: Responsible for checking and responding to Bug Forum and closing issues with the aim of keeping the technical aspects of the game working as smoothly as possible. Responsible for successful implementation (coding+testing) of changes agreed by the Admins (at least one Admin should be a Coder at all times). Responsible for the change of the age/reset.

2 new staff for Marketing (#7)
Duties: Responsible for promoting the game, with the aim of keeping players we have and bringing in new players. Also responsible for mass communication to current/potential players and ensuring regular communications to both groups is happening by keeping a focus on the routine tasks listed in the Marketing Forum sticky post and creative focus on new potential methods.

Please state which resort is of interest to you when applying

Kairon -

2 4 7
Happy to be in all or one of either

ScorpiAS -


Noodle -

I would be interested in #2 I’m on all the time, just would like to try to make a difference.
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