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Sanzo -

Please comment here concerning the below poll:

DeadEd -

So, looking at the poll, I just want to voice a concern for the proposed, upcoming changes.

Administration has decided to move down to a 6-person max for alliances. I can't speak
for everyone who voted for this but I will speak for myself. Part of the problem with
8-person max alliances is the quick ability to kill. Moving down to 6-person max but
increasing war damage (for mages, thieves, and attacks) doesn't address the problem.
If the 6-person alliances can do the same amount of total damage as an 8-person
alliance used to be able to do, there is no effective change.

Looking at the poll, I see that the numbers support the administration decision so I
can't say that the majority of people agree with me but I'm curious if the poll asked
why people wanted 8-max to turn into 6-max, what the reasons would be.

This post is not a complaint but just pointing out what relevance a change in number
of people in an alliance could, or could not, have in the current game dynamics.

I'd love to hear thoughts. Happy hunting to you all!

Boats -

To be totally fair there isn't many allies nowadays that have all 8 people on to make a kill, mostly due to RL commitments and even when there is an ally with all on, if the target is defended TM wise the probability is that you can still survive unless that ally has a lot of attackers. The problem isnt that ally's can make quick kills. It's that there isnt enough full allies to compete and in essence to slow down tribes. An example, I currently see an attacker with 0 TM defense at 3k acres. Lol freaking unreal if I was in a full ally he wpuld be dead in a heartbeat but hey you can't blame him because wtf is gonna kill him if there is no allies to do it?.. We currently have 2 full allies or close to which are 40 and 125.

The rest are dispersed. If we go to 6 man allies, power has to be redistributed to amplify power of an 8 man ally.

Personally, its why I dont think solo tribes are good for the game ATM and hence why a cap of minimum 3 people per ally is needed. This wpuld help offset the problem.
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