Labs soft cap?

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Bolle -

Is there one? Guide doesn't mention

Amir -

its always been 30%
anything above that lowers the gain some.
(unless this was changed and i didnt hear about it...)

Bolle -

There is some, I noticed that much last age

Buffy -

After 30% you get less per lab.

Bolle -

What's the rpa required for maxed sci in a branch?

Anon -


Bolle -

Oh right, 14.4 for 100%, 20 is the max u can have and anything over that gets destroyed instantly.

Kelvin -

The Guide

Tip: 100% is the maximum research of each branch
Tip: 15 RPA is required to fill a branch

I don't think RPs has been destroyed since some years back?

Bolle -

20 used to be max.

Where does it say those things? I couldnt find it anywhere. Would make sense to put it under labs or smth.
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