Age 117 changes

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Hecate -

So, are eagles unable to use theives unless they have barracks? Guilds no longer give TP, and they can't build hideouts.

When is the age start?

I'm not gonna rant about the poor changes, I'm sure someone else will. [up]

Hoffie -

1 TPA boosts Mage Level by 0.5 Guilds hold 0.5 mp and 0.5 tp (includes Regen)
Cannot build Hideouts
Add: Enlightenment: Guilds give 15% to MP Storage and Regen
Add: +15% damage on Wrath of XENE
Thief Razorbeak 0/0 350 cr

I read that as they now can build hideouts and the TPA boost is gone, they have gained 15% max MP, regen rate and dmg on Xene instead

Hecate -

Ah, I misread that. I thought the hideouts were still unable to be built. Thanks

Hoffie -

No worries, as for the age start its in about 20.5 hours from now [up]
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