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Amir -

any update in regards to fame from theif ops? i been checking and most of the ops give a fraction of the fame they used to... and by fraction i mean pennies on the dollar.... ( for those who dont know what that means basicly 1-2% of what its worth...)

56 operations succeeded--639-- 66 fame
and same spell targeting same sort of building
12 spells --267 buildings--161 fame

not sure why/how that is... can someone pls explain whats going on?

that means that a theif has to take out 10 buildings to get 1 fame while a mage only need 1.6 buildings per 1 fame..
i will keep looking at other spells and ops but its harder on live server, maybe someone can check on the test server.... also did something change that i didnt see and thats why its like this?

Noodle -

Thieves have always had the lowest gains for fame. Attacker gets the most then mage then thief. The thief role drastically needs to be changed back to how it was before, or substantially adjusted currently

Tommies -

It doesn't seem fair, although i did notice if you target tribe out of your range 80-120% it does give you a lot less fame.

Also it depends on their infra science as it might reduce fame loss up to 50%

PeepingTom -

Increased fame for thieves could help modestly with their inefficiency.

Add to that the decrease in auto-fail from another thread and things would be moving in the right direction.

rEdL|nE -

Yes fame is a must for thieves. Thieves need much more fame
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