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EM-Mike -

Enough changes to make me feel unsure about some things. While I've read the guide, I wanted to get a little player insight on strategy. Whats the main advantage of Priests/Temples vs other buildings? Or rather - is it a general strategy to run 10 PPA, or any PPA? School me on whether or not I should be building temples :)

Buffy -

Personally it depends on the race, not all races should go ppa. A lot of people go ppa for the extra 10% offense early on though.

Anon -

wb em. good for growth and pays off for elite attackers but takes up space and makes you easier to kill. getting to 90% on growth and getting double priests is usually quickest way to 10ppa

EM-Mike -

Another question. For research, it appears that War/Infrastructure both contain a negative bonus (increased upkeep costs and reduced taxes) to trade off for damage and survivability. Whereas Growth and Politics research have no negative 'bonuses'.

Am I correct in how I am reading that?

Scarlet -

Oddly, yes :S
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