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Noodle -

Remove rept hai and bring back vikings. Late age attacker, really want to see some races cycled in and out.
Hoping dev teams got some great changes coming our way.[;)]

scarlo -

I will put on the agenda to discuss the Viking next age. I have some ideas for it that I'd like to propose to the Dev Team.

Including renaming the defensive spec to NoodleHauser.

Sadly it did not make the cut this age. Sorry.

Kairon -

Also pestilence needs to be looked into with cursed synergy [up]

Noodle -

Cool thnx scarlo, just really hoping some race swapping is going to happen[:D]

scarlo -

Kairon, from your Bug Report thread, please reply to:

Scarlet - 3 weeks ago (Edited)

Which tribe should I be looking at / when.

Enclose in [admin;] tags please

scarlo -

Scarlet replied,

Scarlet - 12 minutes ago

As a check-in I got a PM with the tribe to look for.
I couldn't see loss of citizens to pest in log.

Was hoping it would happen again and I could see it.
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