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scarlo -

I noticed some weird results doing intel ops. I thought I was more successful against some high TPA targets than against 1.5 TPA (I had about 1 TPA). We should review the calculations for success rate TPA:TPA.

Tommies -

75% blockage from 25% GH's, 15% from TT, 15% from Martial law, 25% autofail rate for arsons.

Seems a bit excessive.

Mistro -

Well you say that’s but that tribe is then 100% ineffective. They have no TM firepower
No spendable offence.
And no income.

If they sacrifice all that they should be well protected!

Tommies -

Not for attacker really. Martial law will cost you approx 75 opa, which still allows you to attack with spare general(raze) and also adds 4 hours for the protection, so when army returns you have another 4 hour window where you can attack and still be covered by ML.

Kill times are set usually every 7-8 ticks, which collude well with the coverage of ML.

Even with 20% GH's you are well protected. Yes, running less income, but that's only needed in times of war, which usually doesn't last much longer than 24 hours.
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